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Fourth meeting, Skype

Hi! Everybody!

My English is improving all the time. I think so. Every our meeting is easier for me. I understand better and I can say what I want. Sometimes it is difficult to building sentences because all grammar is mixed in my head. My partner try to understand all the time and he helps me to say what I want.  We write each other in WhatsApp and it improve my writing skills.

Our meeting was planed for Thursday 28.3, but Benjamin had exam same time what we would meet and we changed it for today but in a Skype.

This meeting I speak a lot. Our topic was different, but principally we talked about our profession, studying in University and difference  between Finish, Ukraine and Belgian system.  Benjamin had a trip in Estonia and Riga and told me how was his trip.

Every our meeting I learn something new. I can not remember a wort “schedule“. So, I remember how it write and if I hear the word I understand but it is difficult to pronounce for me. Today on the meeting I practice this one. I start to enjoy our meeting because every time I go ahed and I believe that I do can speak English too.

Our next meeting in a week. So, see you!

9. Skype meeting

I have practical training in ambulance and that’s why we can’t meet face to face because I’m in Satakunta. But today we had conversations by Skype! I helped Färhad to find good layout to cv in Finnish. Then we translated Haloo Helsinkis song “Hulluuden Highway” in English. Färhad found that one already in English but I checked that it is okay translation. It is really strange to translate the songs in English because then songs meaning doesn’t always be the same what it is in Finnish. I helped Färhad to translate Zen Cafés song “Talo”. There was few sentences which was hard to translate for example “Ja joitain joiden ois pitänyt olla aivan erittäin ja aivan erilail”. This sentence doesn’t have any straight point what is my opinion. 😀 So hard and funny.

After the songs Färhad asked questions about the work in English and I answered. Some questions are in the picture and you can see those when you click the picture bigger! Questions were really good and hard but I answered to those. It was nice that questions were harder now and I had to think all the time I spoke. We had almost two weeks break with the meetings but I think that it was also good thing to our learning. Now I can see have I learnt something or not. I think this conversation were still really good to compare the conversations before. It wasn’t exactly fluent English but good English and I’m happy that I haven’t forgot everything yet. 🙂


EPISODE 7:  Language Battle – ROUND 3

The time had came, the day was here, the final exam, the doomsday,our last chance to show what we’ve learnt about our cities. When I arrived to Pablo’s room he was studying (bookworm…) but then I felt guilty and I started to study too. When we were ready we called two of our friends and the goal was to pretend to be locals using all what we’ve learnt during the sessions. Let’s say that maybe we’d needed a few more sessions but the global results were quite funny and good.

Pablo called one of my best friends, Sanchez, as a good researcher he asked everything I’ve told him in the other sessions. Maybe he was not researching… maybe he asked everything because he didn’t trust me… Anyways he tried to acquire the Madrilian attitude but it was really funny how he pretend to shout and pronounce.

They spent all the afternoon talking, and when they finished talking, it was night so when we called his friend Irene, she was… well let’s say that she was a bit tipsy. She started talking as fast as she can and laughing all the time, that was the funniest and nonsense conversation I’ve ever had. Pablo made his best to not try to laugh about all the things that I was saying and all the things that Irene tried to say, and he helped me with a few expressions. This was by far the funniest session.

I’ll finish with an interview to a Madrilian girl who was asked to try to speak catalan using the shortening algorithm.

Skype meeting

After long time, I did my last “meeting”, this time only with Iris. Because, I´m already in my homecountry, we were talking through Skype. Situation brought some new phrases I wanted to know in finnish, such as “long time no see” (pitkästä aikaa). However, while I was still living in Tampere, much more ideas were crossing my mind, so this last time I didn´t have as much questions as before. But I had some, Iris said the finnish translation to me and also wrote it down and sent as message. I also asked about translation of slovak phrase, that foreign people could consider to be meaningless: en ole paimentanut hanhia kansasi. Actually, we can use this to put someone in their place, when their behavior is becoming rude. Then I explained little bit of slovak pronunciation and sentence melody. Because our language is very musical, and melody of sentence can change its meaning.

And this was the last meeting. Unfortunately, Yuki was too busy with her duties, so she was not able to join us, but we will surely keep in touch – I still have some questions about japanese language, and surely by time I will find more questions for finnish as well. But for now I was satisfied… I know EEEEVERYTHING I wanted B-) (nah, more like: I have it everything in my exercise book… O.o )