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Hallo, Servus, Guten tag

We had a meeting in Hesburger having Finnish hamburgers and learning German.

I asked Markus to write down all the sentences that just came up to my mind. My goal is to learn some small talk and this is probably the best way for me to learn. Just seeing the sentences and hearing how they sound like usually works. I’m studying German at school so I don’t want to focus on grammar or conjugating verbs too much since that’s what I’m doing on the lessons anyway.

After this meeting I would be able to talk about some weekend plans, school things and work. I also know how to praise a friend for a nice dress or shoes! I could also have a little conversation about cars and Pferdestärken (=horsepower) 🙂

Next time we will focus on the Finnish language.

Was ist deine lieblings Farbe?


Bis bald.