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Meeting 2#: Watching football…again!

2 weeks since our last meeting – but in contrast to last time we will this time go and watch football… wait a moment. That´s the same we did the last time? Doesn´t matter – football is great and in order to give the meeting another setting we went to SoHo-Bar today to watch the game of Borussia Mönchengladbach (yes, Oscar had to learn how to pronounce it) against Manchester City.

Today we talked for instance a lot about our most favorite football clubs. Because since we all come from different corners of Germany, we all like different ones. We tried to explain why fan culture in Germany is very important and which clubs and fans don´t like each other and why. So this was also a very good way for Oscar to get common with the names of big cities in Germany, like Munich, Cologne or Freiburg.

I also talked with Oscar about cities in Mexico and that there are a lot of clichés how we as European imagine them to be. For example we always see this image of almost destroyed city sides where drug wars are taking place, surrounded by never-ending wastelands. In fact that is the truth…but just in a very few corners in Mexico. That Mexico also has a great culture, nice beaches and wonderful landscapes is often neglected by the media around the world.

Netherless it was a cool evening with interesting talks, although Mönchengladbach lost the game and Freddy was really sad 😀

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