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Session 5: Sports Football and Skiing

After our third lesson, we found our rhythm and way how to improve our languages skills in the best way. Therefore, we followed the plan and we divided also this lessons into two parts. This topic is for me extremely interesting because I am a huge sports fan. Maria is not so into sports but we have been together at two ice hockey games already, but this sport is not so popular in Austria and in Spain too.

The first part was for Maria. In Austria winter sport and especially skiing is extremely important for us. Therefore, I made again a little power point presentation for Maria. With some important vocabularies which were related to the Austrian culture and skiing. Moreover, I brought some Stroh over from Austria. This alcohol during the winter is extremely popular in Austria. When you make a break, and go to a cottage you order a tee with Stroh.

Furthermore, I explained Maria skiing. Maria has never done it before so we did some exercises. That was extremely fun. From my point of view this lesson for Maria was quite a success. Maria got a feeling about the Austrian Skiing Culture and she also got to knew some important phrases which was her goal at the beginning of the course.

The second part was a bit more interactive because I like really much sport it was important for me that I can speak about it in Spanish. So, we tried to talk the whole lesson in Spanish. We went throw different sports like tennis, volleyball and swimming. I got to know a lot of vocabulary. This time Maria tried to write down my mistakes and in the end, we went throw them. This was extremely helpful for me. During the lesson, we found out that I make the mistakes again and again so we tried out a new way.

Furthermore, I wrote the vocabularies down which I don’t know. This was a long list concerning this topic. So, I will have to study a lot for the next lesson to remember all this for me important vocabulary.

Session 4: Austrian Dishes

The Topic of the fourth each one teach one lesson was: “Austrian Culture and dishes and Spanish vocabulary”. Therefore, Maria and I met in Toas City in the kitchen. It was very nice because we had also a black board where we could write important vocabulary and phrases down. Because of the last experiences, we did in the first part some basic German vocabulary. Moreover, we translated all the kitchen ware into German and Spanish. IMG_5410

After that I taught Maria something more about the Austrian Culture. Therefore, I made another small power point presentation with famous Austrian dishes. The second part was my turn. Maria and I cooked together an apple pie, in Austria it is called Apfelstrudel. In Austria, this dessert is extremely famous. I had to explain Maria all the ingredients and the process ins Spanish. This was extremely hard for me because it was a specific vocabulary. Therefore, Maria had to help me out and correct me a lot. In the end, we sit together and eat the apple pie and repeated the vocabulary which we have learned.IMG_4454

All the best

Session 3: Lets go shopping!

In our third each one teach one lesson last Friday we went shopping together in Tampere. The goal of this lesson was that Maria can ask for the price and is able to remember some clothing vocabulary. My goal was  to speak with her all the time in Spanish and try to repeat as much vocabulary as I can.

Our first stop was at the big shopping mall in Tampere Keskustori. In the mall, we went in different shops for example to H&M, the sport stores and some other fashion stores. After that we went to buy some food and discussed our next lessen what we are going to cook. Because our next topic is Austrian food.

For me this lesson was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. I could speak with Maria a lot in Spanish and I learned a lot of new skills. Every time when I made a mistake Maria corrected me and I tried to repeat the sentence again in the correct way at a different time. For me this was one of the most effective classes because I spoke the whole time in Spanish.

I think for Maria it was a bit harder. Maria learning style is different and she needs to write down the new vocabulary. Therefore, I think Maria didn’t gained so German languages skills from this meeting. Nevertheless, we repeated the numbers with the price tags and the introduction in German.



For the upcoming classes, we discussed that we are going to divide the two parts strict. Maria needs a table where she can write down the vocabulary and the grammar and for me we will make it more practical because than I can speak easier and learn more.

All the Best Christoph

8/ Ice Hockey

Because we like done various things and as I said before, we like learned our culture but also discover together the Finnish culture. So we decide to meet in the Ice Hockey stadium to watch a match of the Tampere’s team : Tappara. Our seat was really nice because we were high so we can see everything !

During the break we tried finnish food and enjoyed to look the supporters of Tappara playing, dancing etc.

It was my first hockey match so I didn’t know the rules or nothing so I asked Xavier because he went already there. So I learned some basics, enough to understand the game.

We really enjoyed the match and we were absolutely focused on it. I loved the atmosphere with competition but not too much, the music and everything ! I discovered a new sport and I think that it’s one of my favorite because I enjoy watching it, it was not boring. During the breaks, we also talked about the sport in our country.
For example, which sport we prefer or which team we support. I explained that in Paris, when you are a supporter of the team against Paris-Saint-Germain and that you are in the stadium, you really need to be careful because the fan can be mad with you and go until the fight.

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5/ Card Game

This time, in a coffee shop, it was the Spanish card game was honored. The “Brisca” is according to Xavier, one of the most popular card game in Spain.

This time was a little complicated for me because I didn’t well understand the rules and the goal, that is to say, the best way to play.

But we talk about the different desk that exist in each country and we learn the name of the different card or the value of each according to this game. For example here, the values were : the most powerful with 11 points is the AS then the three which worth 10 points, after that the king gives 4 points, the horse 3 points, and the last figure bring 2 points.


4/ Spanish Dish

For our fourth meeting, we decide that we want to make a popular Spanish dish. The place for this new meeting was in the Tanja and Magdalena’s house. It’s a cute Finnish cottage, so this time again we learned about different cultures in a place that is representative of a country that no one known before this semester. So, Xavier decides to make a “Tortilla” : a Spanish omelet. I already ate that dish before, because I went much time in Spain but it was the first time that I make it by myself ! I’m not especially a cooker so it was funny for me to try to make it.

Vocabulary :

Tres patates                             Trois patates                              Drei Kartoffeln
Una cebolla                              Un oignon                                   Eine Zwiebel
Cinco huevos                           Cinq oeufs                                  Fünf Eier
Sal                                                Sel                                                  Salz
Aceite de oliva                        Huile d’olive                              Olivenöl
Una sartén                                Une poêle                                 Eine Pfanne
Una espátula                           Une spatule                             Ein Pfannenwend
Un batidor                                Un fouet                                    Eine Schneebesen
Una ensaladera                     Un saladier                               Eine Schössel


During the dinner, we talk about traditional dishes in each country or the things that we love to eat. For example, we talked about paellas and the different one according to the region of Spain but also the different ingredient that you can add in a tortilla because I already ate one with chorizo so I asked Xavier if it was something normal or just a strange tortilla created by a restaurant.

It was one of the meetings that I was really waiting for because the “cooking evening” is the only meeting that we were sure to make during this semester. By the way, I am not someone that cooks often so it was really funny for me !

After that the german girls shown us which dish they will be prepared for us !


3/ Vocabulary TAMK


We are 4 members with different schedules so sometimes it’s difficult to meet but we all like this weekly meeting so we decided to do this one in TAMK during the lunch and learn vocabulary in this context.


I realized that the German language is certainly more difficult than the Spanish language for me. It’s true that I already learnt Spanish but German it’s actualy much more different than Spanish and French.

I also learnt the different pronouns :

LE         EL         DER         
LA         LA         DIE          
L’           /            DAS          /

We try to teach to each one the pronunciation of each word and Tanja was surprised because in French but also in Spanish the noun are without capital letter.

1/ Christmas Culture

In my group’s first appointment, we met in a pub that every member of the group know : Mallashovi.

During this first appointment, we first present ourselves so we are 4 members : Xavier the only man who comes from Spain, Magdalena and Tanja who come from Germany and me from France.

After that, we start to talk about our life here in Finlande and the differences with our quotidian life in our hometown. Then we focused our discussion on the Christmas traditions in each country.

For example, the german girls talked about their incredible market -Christkindlmarkt -where you can find food, hot wine, present and most of the time artisanal things. I already heard about that because you can find some in the east part of the France, close to the german boundary. Xavier about the grapes that you need to eat when the bell ring.

After we discuss the Christmas decoration like Christmas tree but also the “Belen” – the representation of the birth of Jesus with little figurine –

But we realized that according to the country, the date of celebration it’s not the same. For example in France it’s the 24th night and the 25th but in Spain, it’s also in January. And “Los 3 Reyes Magos” are the one who brings presents to the child like in Jésus’s birth.

With this meeting, I was happy that even if we are from different cultures and that English is not our mother tong we can understand each other in a real conversation and not just the basics. I realized that I already know a lot about the Spanish Christmas traditions but I know anything about the German ones.

Teaching seem not that hard because all the member has approximately my age and are here to learn.

After this meeting, I was really curious and looking forward to participating in the next meeting.

Our Group

9th meeting at the Moomin Museum

Today we went to the Moomin Museum. I did not know anything about Moomins until I came here, but it was already my second time in the museum. I love them and they seem a very important part of the Finnish culture.


Lynn did not know them either before coming to Finland, but it’s because she did not have a TV when growing up, not because the show wasn’t aired in Germany. In fact, she told me some of her German friends know the Moomins from television. My Spanish friends, on the other hand, do not know them.

We also visited the part of the museum with paintings and we talked about art and how they approach art in education in both of our countries. She told me Germany does not encourage much creative paths in education but they have the opportunity to follow this careers if they want to. In my case, I should have gone to another town to study art in high school, even though my town is one of the biggest in the region.

Sad Moomin is sad
Sad Moomin is sad

We also discussed that Germany does not have many famous painters, whereas France, Spain and The Netherlands for example have plenty of them. But we agreed that there are many German music composers, a field where Spain does not excell.

But we did not just talk about art, we also created some at the museum. I painted a sad Moomin.