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Meeting at lake!

In this meeting we went to the lake near from Rauhaniemen and we were talking about how you can introduce yourself in German and Spanish. The way that we did it was saying our name, the country that we are from, this we love to do and some fears. By the way this was a good idea to know more about each one of us. I did some mistakes in my pronunciation but Sam corrected me to do it right.

I could see that in Spanish we have a lot of way to say the same thing so I thinking it could be little difficult when someone is learning Spanish, in case Sam. But I’m very proud of him because he did it very well because he tried and tried to do it perfectly.

Also I learned that in German they used a few words in English because is easier to in German. For example they say Chips the most of the time than Kartoffelchips.

At the end of the meeting we took our first team picture!!! =D