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Special session

We always have our EOTO meeting in Tamko because we can use free Wi-Fi and drink free drinks 🙂 But, on the day, we had meeting at my one of favorite café, mimibo café<3photo (3)

Furthermore, we invited special guests, Paulina (from Mexico) and Yuki (from Japan), and talked about Hungarian customs. The most interesting was there are some common points that are related to human relationships among our home countries.  But there are big differences on the image of tattoos and earrings. Especially, when they (EXCEPT me) started to say “I wonder to get tattoos in my wrist to remind memories in Finland”, I managed to stop them but they said to me “You’re like my mom!” I think we can keep our memories in our hearts. We don’t have to get tattoos to remind them. I still hope they won’t get tattoos 🙁