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Spoken Finnish

The third meeting with Bryan was in TAMK Y-campus. And this time it was my turn to teach some Finnish to Bryan. He is taking Finnish lessons in TAMK like many other exchange students are doing, so we needed to think what to cover during our lessons. And the first thing that came to mind was that Finnish spoken language is very different from written language that is taught in official classes.

We went through some basics like

Minä olen = mä oon (I am)

Sinä olet = sä oot (You are)

Hän on = se on (He/She is where actually most Finns use word “it” instead of formal “hän”)

And so on…

We also had some vocabulary considering Tampere like

Manse = nickname for Tampere that is a short version of Manchester as Tampere is viewed or at least was viewed the city of working class like Manchester in England

Hakamettä = Hakametsä, the name of icehall in Tampere

And then I told him something about two ice hockey teams in Tampere. It is very very important sport here. And btw, today will start the finals of Finnish national hockey league and Tappara from Tampere will be playing! So find yourself a nice pub to watch a game and cheer for Tappara!

The Finnish language in Tampere

This session was about the Finnish dialect in Tampere. I’ve been in a basic Finnish course for a couple of weeks, but I’m still not able to understand the locals in Tampere. The reason is because people speak with a strong accent. Satu suggested to have a lesson about the local language.

Summary of spoken language

Spoken language Written standard language English
Mä(ä), Sä(ä) Mina,sinä Me, you
Meijän, teijän, heijän Meidän, teidän, heidän Ours, yours, their
sano sanoi (someone) said
Sä(ä) meet Sinä menet You’re going
Ne/noi menee He menevät They’re going
Mull on Minulla on I have
yks yksi one
kaks kaksi Two
viis viisi five
sori anteeksi Excuse me
Sori Tampereen pääpoliisiasema The head of police station in Tampere
tattis kiitos Thank you
hakamettä Hakametsän jäähalli Ice hall
pölliä varastaa To steal
Ei sen välli sopia Agree
Riapoa Kiukuttaa Irritate
Tosso Tuossa on hyvä Here you are


Some facts about Tampere

Nickname: Manse, Manchester of the North

Population: +/- 220.000

Students: +/- 35.000

Tampere was founded by Gustav III of Sweden in 1775

Ice hockey: there are two important teams in Tampere: Tappara and Ilves