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Hockey Match

On saturday we went to a Hockey match. It was actually the first time I saw a sports match in person because I’m not a sports person. The match was between Ilves and Kalpa (Kalpa ended up winning 3-0 and I think that the Tampere people were not very happy about it). It was interesting but a little bit too long for my liking. Also I found very funny the girls dancing every time music was on, they even danced to commercials.

Hockey Match

Anyways, we did another list, this time about sports:

Ice hockey – jääkiekko – hockey sobre hielo
Soccer – fútbol – jalkapallo
Football – rugby – amerikkalainen jalkapallo
Basketball – baloncesto – koripallo
Swimming – natación – uinti
Tennis – tenis – tennis
Handball – balonmano – käsipallo
Ball – pelota – pallo
Racket – raqueta – maila
Stick – palo – tikku
Tracksuit – chándal – urheiluvaatteet
Sneakers – bambas – “lenkkarit” = lenkkikengät
Swimsuit – bañador – “uikkarit” = uima-asu

Game on!

For our 9th meeting we went to see an ice hockey game in Tampere Ice hall. The game was between Tappara and KooKoo. Tappara is one of the two hockey teams in Tampere and the opponent team came from Kouvola which is a city in southeast Finland. We had seats that were really close to the action because of the student-priced tickets. Tappara was in the lead the whole game and ended up winning with 3-0.



During the breaks we talked about popular sports in our countries. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Finland. Other popular sports are skiing, football and ‘pesäpallo’ which is similar to baseball. Popular sports in the Netherlands are football, volleyball, hockey and ice-skating. We also taught each other some ice hockey and sports related words.


Let’s talk about sports

What would be more suitable topic for our second last meeting than sports. That is the topic we Finns like to talk about. I told Ruihai that if he wants to start a conversation with a Finn, the safest topic is sports.

First we talked about sports in Finland and Ruihai was very keen on learning about finnsih sports and especially what they are in Finnish. The conversation started of course with Ice-Hockey, the biggest sports in Finland, the sports that is the hottest topic all around year, the sports that evokes huge emotions among everyone. We talked about my favourite teams and the upcoming word championship tournament, that I told Ruihai to watch. The next very important was Pesäpallo, the game that is only played in Finland. I also told about my own hobbies.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle jääkiekko  

Ruihai told me about the most opular sports in China. Even if I had some clue what Chinese people like to do, I found out many sports that I haven’t had thought about. For example I knew that Ping Pong is very popular in China but that it is the most popular sports in China was totally new information to me. In addition I heard that Chinese people like martial arts very much. I also learned how to pronouce these different kind of sports in Chinese!



For our last meeting, we planned to have a dinner meeting at Ruihai’s place!