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This time we went to Stockman on wednesday 31.10. Cui and Li had hoped to learn the finnish names for make up, cosmetics etc.

I teached them the basic stuff like

  • lipstick= huulipuna
  • powder= puuteri
  • concealer= peitevoide
  • eyeliner =silmien rajauskynä
  • cream= voide

and so on….

Lii and Cui were really nice and made me a paper with most common cosmetics. It really helps to see how the word is written.






We agreed to meet next week and go bowling! It will be a little more relaxed setting without teaching so much. It also will be our 9th meeting and we are almost done with the course O.O It’s been so fun and enlightening experience <3

Last meeting

For our last meeting we went to Stockmann, once a again. This time we went through the household items. Those were mostly some furniture (especially electricity) and items related to eating and sleeping. A fun coincidence was that the Swedish and Russian words for plates were very similar.

After teaching and learning new words intensively we went to get some coffee and refresments and caught up about our winter holidays. We ended up talking about the Christmas and New Year traditions both in Finland and in Russia.

Though the countries are close each other, the traditions are different and the holidays don’t have that much in common. It was interesting to hear from another ways to celebrate. We also discussed about how the holidays have changed from the past years and how gifts are more and more important in the celebration. We agreed how the best thing about the holiday was spending time with our families.

hepat moskova

Each One Teach One was an interesting course and it was fun to learn and teach. I learned much more than I ever thought I would – and I enjoyed learning a new language so much I’m sure I’ll try to learn a 4th language. That I’m not sure if it will be Russian or something else. But learning Russian left a little sparkle inside me, so perhaps I’ll travel there someday and hopefully I’ll learn some more of the language before that.

Studying at a shop

In January we had our last two meetings.

For our first meeting, we met at the clothes section of Stockmann. We had decided to go through clothes both in Swedish and in Russian. We made a list from the new words we went through. In the middle we had the English word and the other languages were on both sides. Dasha said that it was weird being at a clothes shop not buying things but instead learning – and I couldn’t agree more.

I struggled with so many new words – Dasha did remember most words almost immediately, but for me it was a bit harder. I’d remember half of a word or the first letters, but still after an hour I knew at least some words for clothes. Also I’m quite sure that putting together a Russian clothes word and it’s meaning from a list would be much easier for me than just trying to remember a word from a scratch.

It was fun to notice how different the languages are – in Russian there are much more spesific words for some clothes. But that was also a problem – sometimes we didn’t have an English translation to a word, neither Swedish. It was interesting to notice how some words in Finnish come from Russian and some from Sweden – like en väska, ”veska” (a handbag) and пальто, ”palttoo” (a coat).

We had fun and we both learned a lot.

Final meeting

It is Final meeting with Tuija. I can’t believe that time flies fast!

We met in one cafe which she introduce before. They sell so many food and drinks. Actually the reason I choose there is that I heard that they sell really big!! cinnamon roll.  Today I saw real big thing!  I can’t eat it because of the size, but it’s still really funny for me.

We both know it was the final meeting. But I didn’t prepare anything.  Tuija gave me a Fazer chocolate box…ㅜㅜ It was really touching!!!

We talked about my Rovaniemi trip and her boat trip! My rovaniemi travel was so good. I bough ticket which is offer, 29 euro. And it takes almost 9 hours. I visited Santa claus village. and met Santa clause!!!!!!!!  He was so commercial….but still made me excited.

After talking in Cafe, we went to Stockmann to get box.  During this week, I tried to find big box from K-market to Clas ohlson. But Clas ohlson sell 5 box for 16 euro. It is quiet expensive price!!!  But I got box in Stockmann food market. They gave me for free.  If you guys need free big box, visit Stockmann or market near your house:D

Anyway during this semester, Tuija helped me really a lot!!!!!!!!  Really Thank you Tuija and It was really good experience and happy memory with you!

First meeting: teach French at Café Europa!

Café Europa

With my partner, Michael Ready, a Scottish guy, we decided to organize our first meeting point at Café Europa the 25th of September. I knew him before this first meeting. In fact, we have the same tutor in TAMK and we decided to do Each One Teach One together. He wants to improve his French and me my English, it is the good deal for us.

It was the first time, I saw him and I spent time with him without our tutor.  I wanted to see his level in French. We took a coffee together and I started to speak in French. We started with the basics in French to remind him because he has stopped french language two years ago. I learnt more about him, where he lives, what he likes, what he studies, why he wants to learn French, about his family, and his whole life in Edinburgh.

To continue this meeting, we moved and we went to Stockmann. I teach him word in French for the different sectors:

PoissonnerieFishmonger’s shop
BoucherieButcher’s shop
ParfumeriePerfume store
MaroquinerieLeather store
Equipement de la maison House equipment
EpicerieGrocer’s shop

Then, in each sector I taught him the words for the principal products.

It was my first time I taught French to someone. It was a good experience for me and I am exciting to meet him again. I really enjoyed to do it. Moreover, it is very interesting to speak with him because it is not only French basics. He has a good accent, he understands very well and for me it is a pleasure to have conversation with him. We decided to speak French during this one and English during the next meeting. We have planned a meeting for Friday afternoon and Saturday evening to go to the sauna.