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Study Day

Last Wednesday the girls and I decided that we should have a regular study day so we can learn the basics first to then biuld up our vocabulary in the next meetings. We met at TAMK campus and sat down trying to figure out what the basics of our own languaje were.

We tried doing some grammar and the verbs conjugations but we realized that’s kind of difficult for a first session, at least in Spanish. After that we figured out that we could start with some vocabulary such as numbers, days of the week, and then we created an alphabet where we put a word in each language for each letter. We also created a list of greetings that could be useful in everyday life or to introduce ourselves.

For our next meeting we thought we sould continue with a second study day, but planning a little bit more before the meeting so we know what we want to learn. We also thought that it would be fun to try to translate songs into each others languages.

Study Day 1