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Tour around the Metso library and studying

Yesterday we met the second time with GaYeon and JunHyeok. We met at the Metso library and I gave them a quick tour around the library, starting form the bottom floor and going up to the third floor. The library is more or less familiar for me (I usually go to the music section) but I think the explaining of what is where went just fine.

We found some books in Korean, and books about Korea.  I think both JunHyeok and Gayeon were a bit surprised that there were books about North Korea as well. In the language section, where you go if you want to learn languages, were some books about learning Korean, but they were only in English.

After the tour we went to the Metso cafeteria on the third floor to study. There I noticed, that the material that I had prepared, I had only printed out for GaYeon and JunHyeok. It would have been easier to teach if I would have printed the material for myself also. But maybe I’ll remember to do so next time!

This time we started with Korean, because last time we started with Finnish. The first picture shows a list of Korean letters, and words starting with those letters. In my opinion the list is great for me to practice different sounds. For some reason the Korean vowels are easier for me to learn than reading the consonants, but practice makes perfect. 🙂

When we went through the list I also taught the Finnish equivalent for every word, and some of the words on the list were also on the material that I had prepared for our meeting. It was a bit tough for me to think the “perfect” Finnish translation, so I used Google Translate app on my phone to help me. On the material I gave them there were a list of food related words and a small discussion.

GaYeon also goes to Finnish lessons, so she had learned some of the words already, but for JunHyeok there seemed to be quite a lot of new words to go through.  I hope I didn’t go too fast when I taught.

Overall I think we are getting comfortable with each other, which is really nice to notice, and I look forward to see them next Friday.


4. Meeting: Kello, sää ja kirjasto

After we had a very nice outdoor activity last time, this time the schedule told us to do some more language studying.

We sat down in TAMK library (kirjasto) and repeated the numbers. With the help of this, we could learn how to say the time.

 Kello on puoli seitsemän                                     Kello on tasan seitsemän
Kello on kaksikymmentä vaille seitsemän    Kello on varttia yli kuusi

Also, we studied how to talk about the weather. We checked a local weather app and told each other, what the weather is like in the next days.
Huomenna on puolipilvistä. Viikonloppuna aurinko paistaa.
In Finland, the expression “On helle” means it is hot. But you only can say this when it is over 25°. I wonder, which countries would agree with this definition …

I was very impressed that Pauliina did a very good job, even though we have not had many lessons yet. Her pronounciation is really good and she just said a perfectly correct german sentence. “Das Wetter in Finnland ist immer kalt”. I needed to laugh very much. It is nice to see her say these words and sentences. It is also interesting to see what is challenging for her in terms of pronounciation.

Next time, we will have some more lessons about talking about yourself and some grocery vocabulary – This will help me survive in the supermarket. We also agreed on writing a Finnish (resp. German) text message to each other every day, in order to practise the daily writing. Let’s see how that goes!


Kaikki käytävät vievät kirjastoon – All corridors lead to the library ;-).

Now it starts


In my group we have four people. Here we are:

Three finnish girls

  • Ella (left up corner)
  • Emilia (left down corner)
  • Minttu (it`s me, up right)

One spanish guy

  • Diego (right down corner)

We had our first meeting last Wednesday at Pala Cafe (nice coffee place inside Finlayson area). First we talked about our goals for this course. Our expectations were pretty different. One of us wanted to be spanish master after 10 meetings and some of us game to learn basics. Luckily it took just five minutes and we had a clear view how are we going to move ahead.

Diego already knows some basic words in finnish, but he wants to learn more our simple language. Emilia knows few words in spanish, but me and Ella are true beginners.

We had just one hour time to meet so we needed to move on really quickly. We made  our schedule  for next three months (let`s see how much it changes during this time).  Time flied and two of us needed to go, so we decided to share our personal plans to each other by using One Drive and read those before our next meeting. Looking forward to see you next time.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-30 at 17.42.24

Meeting at TAMK premises

Today I had lunch and coffee with Hui and later I saw Fernando. Me and Hui are participating to the Innoevent and we both have the same case. The case is to invent how we can stop smoking near the central hospital’s (TAYS) main doors etc. That case made me think smoking abroad. In Korean, people can smoke inside clubs. Normally the law is pretty much same there than in Finland. But for some reason, it is still okay to smoke inside at the clubs. Feels weird for me, because in Finland there are smoking rooms in some clubs, but you cannot smoke anywhere else inside. And another thing, the clubs are always underground. Of course the signs and name of a club is in sight, so the premises are not hidden, but the club is not at the street level. They just are, there isn’t any specific reason for that.

After a nice and tasty lunch we went to cafeteria. It is a part of Korean culture, that you drink something warm and maybe eat something sweet after eating. In Finland that is not like a culture thing, although many people do so. This Innoweek has been really busy, but funny week. And it was nice to chat with Hui about the case and to know that in Korean they have also this kind of happening, maybe just not as big as this is.


With Fernando we talked about this curse and things we try to manage to do. Time goes really fast and we have to re-think our meetings. Luckily we all are at the same school, so it’s easy to see there and schedule our meetings =) Talking about time running up so fast, we wanted to go visit the International fair, now when it’s possible. Cause we both are planning to do exchange studies, but do not know where to go and when. It is coming in the future, so it’s really good to start thinking about that early. We talked whit some people, who introduced their schools and degrees. They gave us brochures, which are in English of course. Luckily I was with Fernando there so he helped me with those. I didn’t understand everything what was written to the brochures so he explained those things for me.


Things we taught to each other’s today were really usual basic things, what comes in front of you daily. I told about Finnish way of studying, motivation and getting together after school (if that happens). Fernando gave me some good tips, how you can meet your school friends and study at the same time. Like if you have meetings, it’s good to prepare ideas and material before, and then you can just concentrate to learn the things. As a Finnish person, it is not so usual for me to see school friends after school. Maybe I should, because it really seems to be a good thing.

Then couple of words that I can use right after this day:

Borrow – lend: depends of are you the giving or receiving one
Confectionery – pastries: common name to all baking’s, pies, cookies etc. and a name for some specific things like muffins.

See ya! =)

First and Second EOTO meeting

I have not posted to this brog before, so i’m going to write about my first and second EOTO meeting.

First meeting, we had a meeting in the cafe.  The main topic is Origami. So I showed them how to fold origami. First I taught how to create turu: a famous Japanese origami. I think a lot of Japanese people(not 100%) can fold turu.  My partner Iris and Marius can fold it very well! After we made flog, paper balloon, kabut(Japanese traditional hat), paper airplane, fox, butterfly and rikisi(a sumo wrestler). Also we learned about those name in Finnish and Japanese.



Second meeting, that is Tampere day so we went to pyynikki tower and enjoyed munkki <3 we learned some vocabulary we were interested in. After that, We went to Tallipiha and have smoked salmon <3 Not only eating but also i learned how to ask question for shopping  in finish and slovak. For example “Kuinka iso annos on?” (How big is the portion?), “Yksi annos savustettua lohta, kiitos” (One portion of smoked salmon, thank you) and “Voinko maksaa kortilla” (Can I pay with card?). And also I could practice how to count number and time  in Finnish.



I had a good time and It was very fun to learn language! I’m looking forward to the next lessons and I tried to practice more to be able to count number and time fluently!!

Name an end!

On this Monday it was my second Swedish lesson. Actually, it took place at cafeteria, because a meeting was held in the y-campus.
This lesson dedicated to morphogenetic of Swedish language. In English we have articles “a” and “the”, in Swedish the idea is quite similar. But if we know the object, this affects the ending of the word. That was really fanny: Emilia was trying to put into by brain this information , but my head exploded.

Moreover, more troubles with pronunciation. More that the times I was repeating one word, again and again, but unsuccessfully. It can be explained by the difference in Russian and Swedish spelling. Swedish people would laught at me.
On this lesson we go through the endings of the words, I have done exercise to solidify theory. Besides, Emilia touched vocabulary : family, pets and animals
But the most important thing is that now I know how to express love In Swedish. Okey, may be not the most, but still significant ^_^ Yag alskar dig.
Suppose, that is all. Nice partner, good atmosphere, interesting language. What can I wish more?