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Second Meeting – Supermarket time!

For this meeting we met in the supermarket that is downstairs from Stockmann. I really wanted some help with the name of the foods.  So we started to wander in the supermarket naming the food in Finnish and Spanish.

I am not a good cooker and I don’t cook for myself in my country that’s why I don’t know much about food or different types of one kind of food. Knowing that, imagine what happens when I go to a supermarket where everything is in Finnish, I have no clue of what to do!

One thing that  I wanted to know is why there are a lot of types of eggs, in my country as far as I know (you shouldn’t trust me) there are 2 types of eggs, the white ones and the brown ones. But here you can see at least 5 different boxes with different colors and names, but the eggs are all white! Janica and Getuar started to translate the names to me and I discovered that the names depend on how the chicken lives, etc.

Another difficult thing for me was the milk. At first I thought that the light blue one was the one with no fat. But one day I translated it from Finnish and it said it was non fat milk, but when I translated from Swedish it said fat milk! The conclusion is that you shouldn’t trust the translator! Light blue means non fat milk, dark blue means with little fat, and the red means with more fat.

I also learned the name of some animals, fruits and vegetables.

As Janica lived in Argentina for 3 months she started to remember the names of the things we where talking about. Getuar is starting to learn Spanish from zero, so he learned a lot of new vocabulary, but what got stuck in his mind was “Arroz y brócoli” which means “Rice and broccoli”.

These are some of the words I learned:
Finnish, Spanish, English:

Liha, carne, meat.
Munia, huevos, egg.
Kevyt, liviano, light.
Porkkana, zanahoria, carrot.
Leipä, pan, bread.
Luomu, orgánico, organic.
Kanan, pollo, chicken.
Nauda, vaca, cow.
Kalkkuna, pavo, turkey.
Jauheliha, carne picada, minced meat.
Basilika, albahaca, basil.
Kinkku, jamón, ham.
Maito, leche, milk.
Juusto, queso, cheese.
Appelsiini, naranja, orange.
Omena, manzana, Apple.

This meeting was very useful for me as now I understand the products in the supermarket better!

One funny thing that happened in the end of the meeting (was not funny in that moment) is that I lost my cellphone in a bench inside the supermarket. I realised about the loss when we were already upstairs, so we came back, someone found it and we had to pick it up on the third floor. I was so thankful that nobody stole it, in my country probably I would have never seen it again!

Learning at the supermarket/szupermarket/Supermarkt :)

Sziastok! Hogy vagy? 😊

Our FIFTH meeting took place in the SOKOS supermarket. We walked through the supermarket and searched for food items, Flóra prepared for this meeting. I tried to speak every word and Flóra corrected my mistakes in pronunciation. Some words are quite easy to pronounce and remember and some are difficult to remember, because I cannot derive the words from languages I already learned.

Since Flóra do not speak Finnish as well, we decided always to check the Finnish labels in the supermarket to learn the Finnish word for these food items too. While strolling through the supermarket, we talked about the supermarket systems in our countries and compared these with the Finnish one. To give an example, in Germany and Hungary you can buy every kind of alcohol in the supermarket. We do not have any special alcohol store like Alko. But the difference between German and Hungarian stores in selling alcohol is that hard alcohol in Germany is usually locked in glass shelves. You have to ask an employee to unlock and hand over the bottle.

Next time we are going to do some shopping and Flóra can practice speaking in various places. And perhaps we will find some presents for Christmas 😊


Hi guys,

Well well well, it has been quite a loooong time since my last blog post. Guess what, Hang is back with her crew GFV.

Today, we had a food tour in Lidl in Finlaysonkatu. It was my first time there for 14 months living in Tampere, Finland. It was good. We decided to buy needed ingredients for baking tomorrow. Tabea and Tuuli introduced to me many interesting things of Christmas, which I never knew before. Such included the chocolate calendar, candles, Christmas chocolate, and Cool Santa. It took us around an hour inside the supermarket.

After that, Tiger was our next destination. We had A LOT OF FUN there. Everything was so cute that we wanted to buy them all. Seriously, EVERYTHING!!! It felt like I was living my childhood again with all sparkling items and cute decoration things. Tuuli told me one joke from her psychological teacher that is to MARRY MONEY. If I got a guy who would like to buy me the whole shop, I would get married to him XD. Yeah we all know it is a joke, don’t we?

It was pretty much for today tour. I loved it and I also enjoyed spending time with these two lovely girls. Looking forward for tomorrow baking!!!

A lovely quote for such a rainy day:

When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles!


Hola, donte esta la leche?

Our sixth meeting was in the supermarket. We made some common sentences what you need when you are looking for some products or if you want to know can you use cash.

Can I pay by cash = Puedo pagar con dinero?

Can I pay by card = Puedo pagar con tarjeta?

This is more cheaper = Esto es mas barato

better = mejor

healthier = saludable


After shopping we went to my house to study some products together. Here is some of them:










-Minttu <3


Supermarket time!

It was time to learn some useful words related to the groceries world, so we went for a little walk around Stockmann’s supermarket.  As we where walking, we named the things in both Spanish and German languages.  We covered pretty much the basics and I have to say that Melanie knew almost everything and pronounced totally correctly!
So here we have some words:

Agua – wasser                                       Cerveza – pier
Pan – brot                                                Patata – kartoffel
Zumo – saft                                             Leche – milch
Queso – käse                                          Galletas – kekse
Pescado – fisch                                     Sal – saltz

It was fun to go around learning new things, and whats more, try to pronounce them because it is actually difficult to me! Seems like I will have to say out loud over and over again my shopping list to get it right.

“Let´s skip the vegetables and go straight to the meat”

….with that sentence, Jaimile spoke out what I didn´t want to say at the beginning of our next meeting. I already met Jaimile and Erica  one day after my last meeting with Laura and Eija, because they didn´t have time the other day. And this time we met at Prisma to learn groceries.

In advance to this meeting, we uploaded a list of groceries in finnish and german, so that we had a slight clue about how the words are written.

As Jaimile and me were very interested in different kind of meat, we went straight to the sausage and meat corner. Erica told us the difference between the different animals, porsaan (pork), sika (schwein), nanta (cow) and so on. Also very important was the word for vegetarian (kasvis), because last time I accidently bought a kasvismakkara (vegetarian sausage) and thought it was real meat.

Another important word for me to learn in the supermarket was the finnish word for celery, as I am allergic to it. And it is pretty much the same as in german (Sellerie – Selleri).

This lesson was very helpful for me, because I learned a lot about food stuff and now I know better what the cans, packages and so on contains, when I buy them (and I don´t have to rely on the picture that is on the package).