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Sushi meeting


Our seventh meeting was at Kurumi’s place and she taught us to make sushi. I was always wanted to learn make sushi so I was pretty excited! That was the fourth meeting we spent with cooking or baking and that’s why this meeting was quite similar to our previous meetings.

We made maki rolls and I guess that was a good choice because I have heard that nigiri sushis are much more difficult to make. I have always loved sushi but that was the first time I made sushi. Learning was quite easy beacuse I had a very brilliant motivation to learn! Before this meeting I thought that making sushi was much more difficult but now I learnt that I was totally wrong. Now I can also make sushi all by myself!

This kind of practical learning was suitable for me because I needn’t to understand every single word in English. I could just watch and “imitate”!

Sushi party


As a part of this EOTO classes, Japanese exchange students: Anna, Kazuki, Saya and Yuki were having Sushi party in Lapinkaari. It was first time for us to organize such big party but a lot of our friends joined the party and we had great time with them.

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We cooked and served 4 kinds of Sushi (Salmon, avocado with soy source and wasabi, fried egg and butter flavored corns) and Miso soup. Some of them used chop sticks very well. We should have explained about Sushi and Miso soup more and it might become better.