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FIN/SWE – Second Date

On this beautifully sunny day we (me and Elli) went on a sightseeing trip around the city centre. We walked the pink route on the “Walking Tours in the City Centre of Tampere” map you can get from the TAMKO office (not all of it, we skipped 1 and 2 since they were the furthest away). So we walked around and talked in Finnish and Swedish, and some English when we didn’t remember the words. To hear about the last week was interesting and I have to say, I amaze myself every time I listen to Finnish, I understand so much more than I think I would! The same with talking.

To tell about my week in Swedish was actually difficult, since I don’t speak book-Swedish. Dialects can be tricky to get rid off.

This is what we saw on our little Walking Tour!

Our first stop was The Hämeensilta Bridge, then we kind of skipped Koskikeskus since we both had been there many times. This means our next stop was Kehräsaari and Laukontori. The place after that was probably our favourite stop! The Market Hall. It was so beautiful! And a mouth-watering experience. After that it was off to the Central Square, the Old Library, the Tammerkoski Rapids, The Satakunnansilta Bridge and finally the Central Fire Station.

Then we picked number 5 (The Tampere Sculpture) from the yellow route and number 6 (The Former Business School) from the blue route as well, just because they were so close by.

Words we translated:

  • Background – Taustalla – Bakgrund
  • Mouth watering – Herahtaa vesi kielelle – Det vattnas i munnen
  • Factory – Tehdas – Fabrik
  • Fire Station – Paloasema – Brandstation
  • Statue – Patsas – Staty
  • Lost – Eksyksissä/Kadoksissa/Kadonnut – Borttappad
  • Do you manage – Pärjäätkö – Klarar du dig
  • Are you able to – Jaksatko – Orkar du
  • Presentation – Esittely – Presentation

It felt really good today. Not as much English used and we had a great time!
Board game night tomorrow evening!

FIN/SWE – First Date

I wrote this last Friday (9.9.2016) but since the course blog hadn’t opened yet so I upload it now instead.

I just came home from the first EOTO meeting and I have to say it went really well. Always in the beginning you’re afraid you won’t click with the other person, now I feel really good.
We met at the Fazer Café over tee/coffee and introduced ourselves. We then focused on planning our next meetings and throwing ideas back and forth about what to do, and I have to say we’ve got quite a few amazing ideas (starting with a city exploration since we’re both new to Tampere).

Then we talked about cultural stereotypes, which might sound ridiculous since we’re both from Finland, but there are differences between Finnish-speaking Finns and Swedish-speaking Finns. I think the main things we discussed was the “richness” of Swedish-speaking Finns (I’ve heard it many times, we are supposed to have a lot of money..). The height of Finns was as well a discussion topic. I’ve noticed that Finns along the west coast (where most of the Swedish-speaking Finns live) are often taller than the ones in, for example, Tampere.

After discussing we looked around the café and translated a few words

  • Assiett – Asetti
  • Sked – Lusikka
  • Choklad – Suklaa
  • Lampa – Lamppu
  • Sallad – Salaatti
  • Kaffe – Kahvi
  • Café – Kahvila
  • Kyckling/Broiler – Kana/Broileri
  • Soppa – Keitto
  • Servitör/Servitris – Tarjoilija

I think this was a good first session. We are both new to the course and have some background in the other language, and now we know each other a little bit and have been able to actually plan stuff. Next time will be sightseeing in two languages! (If the weather allows it…)

– Ida Smedlund

I completely forgot about taking some pictures! Next time I’ll remember…

The First Meeting

Hi you all, I’m Elli!

Yesterday I met my Each on Teach one pair for the first time. We went to Fazer café and kept on talking for up to three hours! We got to know each other and talked about our interests and just basically everything that came into our minds. Bit by bit we started to teach and learn our languages too, which are by the way Finnish and Swedish. I teach her Finnish and she teaches me Swedish, yay!

Mostly this meeting included chats about cultural things such as differences between Swedish-Swedish persons and Finnish-Swedish people. We did a little list about some café-related words too, so here it is:

  • Saucer – Asetti – Assiett
  • Teaspoon – Teelusikka – Tesked
  • Chocolate – Suklaa – Choklad
  • Soup – Soppa/Keitto – Soppa
  • Lamp – Lamppu – Lampa
  • Salad – Salaatti – Sallad
  • Coffee – Kahvi – Kaffe
  • Café – Kahvila – Café
  • Chicken – Kana – Kyckling
  • Waiter – Tarjoilija – Servitör

I should have probably known most of these words already, but I got to admit that I barely remembered even three of them. I didn’t realize to ask my pair whether she knew all these words in Finnish already or not, but I’m guessing she did!




This whole way of teaching/learning we have in Each one Teach one –course is super cool! Some grammar things or stuff like that might be easier to learn in a classroom with a teacher who’s used to explaining grammar rules, but the more important thing, communicating, is in my opinion way easier to learn with actually talking with someone.

We already have a lot of plans for our next meetings. Next Friday we’re going to go to explore Tampere a little bit since we’re both new here, and on the weekend we’ll play some board games! Then at some point we’re definitely going to go to get some deep-fried chocolate bars with ice cream (I know right!!!???!!!) and have a wine night too.  We decided that we’ll concentrate on Finnish in the board game meeting, but we haven’t decided yet when to concentrate on Swedish. Maybe on Friday already? I think we’ll plan the other teaching/learning parts and missions later when we get this party started!


Through the Woods with the Robber’s Daughter!

Ronia the Robber’s daughter – Ronja Rövardotter – Ronja Ryövärintytär­­


The Swedish movie evening. Svensk film kväll.

National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) arranges movie evenings once a week to this small movie theatre called Niagara.
The place is located in Kehräsaari, next to Koskikeskus.

I noticed they have my childhood’s favorite movie on their spring program. So I absolutely thought it would be great idea to have in our Each one – Teach one project.
And the movie happens to be very important to Emelie too.

The film is based on famous Swedish author’s, Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book.
The story is basically the same than Romeo and Juliet, but for children and it is taking place in the northern forests full of dangerous fairytale creatures.

I have to say, that watching that movie again now when I’m adult, takes it completely to another level. The story still feels just as wonderful as when I was a kid. It made me laugh and almost cry on the same parts. All thanks to the director, Tage Danielsson’s good taste and great vision.

The movie was played on a digital copy of old film reels, KAVI didn’t have a permission to take off the black parts which comes when the film reel is changed. The quality of the film copy wasn’t that good either, but I think it’s a part of an old movie’s charm that it looks a bit messy and scratchy.

The small theatre wasn’t that full of people, but there were adults, who wanted to see the film again now as grown-ups and there were adults who brought their own kids to see their childhood favorite film. The mood in the small theatre was so warm and nice. People lived through the film.

I’d like to recommend the movie to everyone of you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the story is timeless. Although the movie is from the year 1984, the practical effects [the effects made on set during filming] look amazing.


Characters (swe —- fin/eng —- eng ‘83/’85)
Ronja – Ronja – Kristy/Ronia

Birk – Birk – Burl/Birk

Mattis – Matias – Matt

Lovis– Loviisa – Lena/Lovis

Skalle-Per – Kalju-Pietu/Bold-Pietu – Skinny-Pete/Noddle-Pete

Borka – Borka – Ranulf/Borka

Lill-Klippen – Pikku-Plootu/Little-Plootu – Snip/Little-Snip

Undis – Undis – Hanna/Undis

Sturkas – Rontti/Scoundrel – Bumper

Turre – Tuuri/Luck – Tapper

Tjorm – Räyhä/Ruffian – Tobbit/Torm

Knotas – Rähjä/Ragged – Knott

Labbas – Lorvi/Loiterer –


Film industry words:


director of photography (dop) – dop/kuvaaja – chefsfotograf (A-foto)

screenplay – käsikirjoitus – manus

scriptwriter – käsikirjoittaja – manusförfattare

role – rooli – roll

gaffer – valaisija/gaffer – chefselektriker

sound designer – äänisuunnittelija – ljuddesigner

boom operator – puomittaja – b-ljud

director – ohjaaja – regissör

assistant director – apulaisohjaaja – regiassistent

producer – tuottaja – producent

costumier – puvustaja – kostymör

scenographer – lavastaja – scenograf

staging – lavastus – scendekoration

property manager – rekvisitööri – rekvisitör

prop – rekvisiitta – rekvisita

actor – näyttelijä – skådespelare

runner – runneri – inspelningsassistent


Meeting at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

One cold evening, when the howling wind took off through the city of Tampere, a tall dark stranger went into the mysterious halls of Teerenpeli. In a basement down below, on a couch, the stranger waited, for fascinated people to come, eager to capture this amazing moments on a piece of paper. She dressed herself in blood-red satin letting her dark curls fall down over her shoulders. Now she was ready, prepared for taking the role as a live model at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

This story took place some weeks ago. As one of our meetings, we decided to go to a sketching event to practice drawing and getting to know each other better.

During the first session, like to warm up a bit, we had 1 minute for each pose, drawing basically the movement and the main characteristics. There were 10 different poses, also with some gadgets such as a skull, a cape and a crystal ball. It looked really nice and was fun to draw, as the gadgets gave some nice opportunities.

In the next session we got 2 minutes time for each pose, so that the drawings could go more into detail. After a little break we had another 2-min-session and some poses lasting 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes there was an opportunity to also use some colour for the drawings. The model also changed her outfit a couple of times, one of them with a very characteristic hat with a feather on it.

The event was in Finnish, so Rosa translated what was said. After the last drawing session we stayed seated with some beer and talked about further meetings, similar to these kinds of events. I have never done anything like this in Sweden so it was a really cool experience. What can I say, art connects people right?


Event: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – “You will meet a tall dark stranger”


Word-List in English, Finnish and Swedish

to draw – piirtää – att rita/teckna

drawing – piirustus – teckning

drawing paper – piirustuspaperi – ritpapper

a pen – kynä – penna

a brush – sivellin – pensel

watercolour – vesiväri – vattenfärg

ink – muste – bläck

ballpoint pen – mustekynä – bläckpenna

charcoal – hiili (for drawing -> piirustushiili) – kolkrita (teckningskol)

sketch – luonnos – skiss

sketch book – luonnoskirja – skissbok

marker – tussi – tuschpenna

pencil case – penaali – pennskrin

Last meeting

For our last meeting we went to Stockmann, once a again. This time we went through the household items. Those were mostly some furniture (especially electricity) and items related to eating and sleeping. A fun coincidence was that the Swedish and Russian words for plates were very similar.

After teaching and learning new words intensively we went to get some coffee and refresments and caught up about our winter holidays. We ended up talking about the Christmas and New Year traditions both in Finland and in Russia.

Though the countries are close each other, the traditions are different and the holidays don’t have that much in common. It was interesting to hear from another ways to celebrate. We also discussed about how the holidays have changed from the past years and how gifts are more and more important in the celebration. We agreed how the best thing about the holiday was spending time with our families.

hepat moskova

Each One Teach One was an interesting course and it was fun to learn and teach. I learned much more than I ever thought I would – and I enjoyed learning a new language so much I’m sure I’ll try to learn a 4th language. That I’m not sure if it will be Russian or something else. But learning Russian left a little sparkle inside me, so perhaps I’ll travel there someday and hopefully I’ll learn some more of the language before that.

Studying at a shop

In January we had our last two meetings.

For our first meeting, we met at the clothes section of Stockmann. We had decided to go through clothes both in Swedish and in Russian. We made a list from the new words we went through. In the middle we had the English word and the other languages were on both sides. Dasha said that it was weird being at a clothes shop not buying things but instead learning – and I couldn’t agree more.

I struggled with so many new words – Dasha did remember most words almost immediately, but for me it was a bit harder. I’d remember half of a word or the first letters, but still after an hour I knew at least some words for clothes. Also I’m quite sure that putting together a Russian clothes word and it’s meaning from a list would be much easier for me than just trying to remember a word from a scratch.

It was fun to notice how different the languages are – in Russian there are much more spesific words for some clothes. But that was also a problem – sometimes we didn’t have an English translation to a word, neither Swedish. It was interesting to notice how some words in Finnish come from Russian and some from Sweden – like en väska, ”veska” (a handbag) and пальто, ”palttoo” (a coat).

We had fun and we both learned a lot.

#10 The last but not least.

Due to the fact that I’m already back home in Germany we had another virtual meeting. We planned to do something like a city tour and I prepared one about Paris for Hanna. Filled with experiences and sights from my last trip to Paris (and of course pictures too). And we were talking about the tour and the monuments.

I was in Stockholm before Christmas, so Hanna didn’t have to prepare one for me but we talked about my impressions of the city and compared them with her experience of Sweden and Stockholm.

Another topic of our meeting was the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and the march in Paris these days. We both explained our thoughts about that, which were somehow similar but there were also some differences. It was really good to talk about that.

Course Résumé

I liked this course very much. My partner Hanna took me around a lot and everywhere was an excellent environment to learn Swedish (and of course teach French too). I think this type of free learning is very good for learning languages and other cultures, because for learning some languages – French is definitely one of them – you have to understand not only grammar and vocabulary but also the spirit / l’esprit of a language and the culture behind it. It would have been easier for me to teach German (my mother tongue) but it was such a great experience to teach French in English too, that I’m glad that I did it. Learning Swedish as a German is very funny sometimes but also challenging, because if you think something is similar it isn’t. But on the other hand you can understand so many things just by guessing from English or German.

So big Thanks to Hanna and of course to Henri and TAMK  that you made this EOTO experience possible for me – it definitely enhanced my ERASMUS experience.

Coffee with news

This meeting we had in Tamko, so we enjoyed some coffee while reading short Swedish news I had brought with me. It was quite hard to find news that had a vocabulary similar to english (Swedish has some similar words, so I thought it would be easier to understand the text even if there were strange words)

Then I found an old story about an explosion in a McDonald’s at St. Petersburg. And I know it’s horrible, but it was one of the pieces I brought with me! It did cause some laughter when I told Dasha what she was supposed to read (probably a normal person would have brought stories about kittens and flowers and sunshine).

Of course it was not the only things – another story was for example about the film Twelve years a slave. I actually assumed that it would be much easier to find texts written in simple Swedish than it really was. I didn’t want to depress Dasha with anything too hard. But she did very well with the texts I brought, she understood the main idea and read them very well.

#9 French grammar

So today we had our last meeting together in Tampere. As we already said, we had some French grammar lesson. I prepared some things that I also learned in Swedish for Hanna in French. And we went through it: Articles, Plural nouns, Verb conjugation and Tenses. We always tried to compare it to other languages we know and also found some similar things in French and Swedish. I also realised that my knowledge of German grammar rules are quite poor but that’s probably because I never have studied it like Hanna did for Swedish.
At the end we found a page with a quiz in French so we did it together and I explained the answers to Hanna. Most of them were quite easy (for me) but some were a bit tricky because sometimes there were two choices possible.

We also decided that our next and last meeting will be about Stockholm and Paris. So I’ll take some pictures from Stockholm and then we can talk about them and I also visited Paris so we can talk about that too.