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Tallinn – Here we are! (14/12/2016)

Sooo, we decided to go to Tallinn together. I heard Tallinn is a very beautiful place in Estonia, I’m really looking forward of our trip.

It was a crazy experience. We met at 4o’clock in the morning, took the Onnibus to Helsinki, and then went to Tallinn by ferry. The time of ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is about 3 hours. It’s a new experience for me, because previously, I usually traveled by bus, train or flight. And a few times I had to took ferry were all short trip just about 10 or 20 minutes. So, this time 3 hours is quite long journey for me, I’m a little bit seasick. The most exciting moment is that we cannot find the right way to ferry station. We almost missed our ferry but thankfully we met some nice people that helped us so much. The craziest part was to run to catch the ferry, the road before boarding is sooooo long! We cannot stop running and got the ferry on the last minute!

After we arrived Tallinn, we headed to the old town. The weather is not quite good, but the scenery is beautiful. Then we decided to eat something at a burger restaurant that looked like bar with a lot of glass bottles. The food was so good and we liked the place so much, we stayed here for a long time. After lunch, we continue to walk around the old town, we all bought some souvenirs for family. There are many street artists, one of them can play a special instrument, although I don’t know the English name of this instrument but it looks very cool.

img_1375  img_1424  img_1420img_1425  img_1350  img_1426

We came back to Tampere at 1 o’clock at night, it’s a little bit tired but I really treasure this unforgettable trip with my friends!




Karelian Pies

I invited Bryan and his girlfriend who were visiting in Tampere to my home to cook one traditional Finnish food; Karelian Pies (in Finnish Karjalan piirakka) with eggbutter. I’m actually from South Karelia that these days belongs mostly to Russia (after WW II); information on Karelia in Wikipedia. Well, anyway, I made this tiny booklet of Finnish foods to Bryan and gave him a recipe for Karelian pies and he started to work. Very professionally, I must say.

It takes about 1,5 hours to prepare pies or probably less if you are a professional. I’ve made them now three times during my adulthood but I’m already getting better and faster.

Bryan and his girlfriend had just visited Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia, and brought some cheap spirits from there and they were kind enough to bring some with them. So, obviously, we had some Finnish Minttu-viina with pies (not really obvious, we, here in Finland like to keep our alcohol separated from food :D).

Bryan buttering the pies.
Bryan buttering the pies.
Dinner time!
Dinner time!