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Hallo! Wie heißt du?

Today we had our third meeting. We met in Wayne’s Coffee for a hot chocolate and learning German. Christine and me were the teachers.

We started with introducing themselves and ask other persons of their name.

  • Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? (polite form)  -> What’s your name?
  • Ich bin …. / Ich heiße …./ Mein Name ist …. -> I am …/ My name is…


Than we went on with the asking how someone’s feeling and how to answer these question.

  • Wie geht’s? / Wie geht es dir? -> How are you?
  • Mir geht es gut. -> I’m fine.
  • Mir geht es schlecht. -> I’m not feeling well.


Then we learned asking where you come from.

  • Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sie? (polite) -> Where do you come from?
  • Ich komme aus Deutschland / Finnland / Frankreich. -> I come from Germany / Finland / France.

Our next topic were the numbers from 1 to 30.



After practising the numbers we learned them to say how old they are.

  • Wie alt bist du? / Wie alt sind Sie? (polite) -> How old are you?
  • Ich bin sechsundzwanzig (Jahre alt). -> I am 26 (years old)

Who wants to learn more German, here are two good blogs to learn at home:




The group learned very fast. Next time we will learn finnish.