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Tampereen Päivä

We had planned to arrive Pyyniki’s tower 9 am, so I was forced to leave my nice and warm bed too early. I and Yuki escaped mist inside and enjoyed famous doughnuts at tower’s cafe while waiting Marius, who had some issues with buses. We started to go through grammar and vocabulary we were interested in. For me that was hotel and cafe vocabulary (most of them are written with katakana because being loanwords from english).

Secret recipe since 1980's
Secret recipe since 1980’s

Marius found his way to the tower and we lifted ourselves to the less misty top.

Happy folks so high :D
Happy folks so high 😀

While heading to Tallipiha we practised both left/right and expressing time in Japanese and Finnish. Tallipiha was nice on busy with pony-ride and open shops. We had such wonderful Finnish practising situations while buying chocolate and a portion of smoked salmon. I taught “Kuinka iso annos on?” (How big is the portion?), “Yksi annos savustettua lohta, kiitos” (One portion of smoked salmon, thank you) and “Voinko maksaa kortilla” (Can I pay with card?).

We all three share it. :D fishbone = kalanruoto = sakana no hone)
We all three shared it. 😀 fishbone = kalanruoto = sakana no hone)

Yuki decided to stay in city centre for shopping so I and Marius went together to get something to eat. We ended up eating black sausage (mustamakkara) and learning verbs in Finnish.

I think today’s meeting was a succes. We learned what we planned and even more. Nice places were visited, delicious food was eaten and we enjoyed ourselves. 🙂


Learning German, Day 1




Germany and scotland


So first meeting with my German friend Tom was a fun one considering that we didn’t really have anything planned. We decided to take a walk down Hämeenkatu street to find a cafe. Turns out there was a little Market on in the town square so we had a wee gander (A little look).


We would walk around discussing the products, for example honey is Honig, and discussing what the people were selling.


There was strange little wooden baskets that we decided must be for either timbre or shopping but I sadly didn’t get a picture!

Afterwards we decided to walk to the observation tower and on the way we discussed how in German, objects can be male of female, for example a lamp is female (ein lampen) where a bus is male(ein bus). I was also taught numbers 1-10 and the phrase “Ich Bien” meaning “I am”.


We also discussed what Tom would like to get from this experience, we decided more practice with tenses and just more practice speaking English in general. We also disused words with the same meanings and in what context you would use them. For example when to use stadium and when to use arena and also when using “me too” and “me neither”.


We reached the observation tower, eventually after getting a bit lost, and it was really great!

ObsTw1 ObsTw2 ObsTw3

Coming back to town we decided to head down towards the harbour where there was another market and I learned how to greet people depending on what time of day it is.

Good Morning – Guten Morgen

Good Day- Guten Tag

Good Evening- Guten Abend

Good Night- Guten Nacht

We also disused the different words used in Scotland, for example in Edinburgh and the East you use “Ken” as is “Know” where it’s not very common in the west, and other Scottish phrases like “it was pure dead brilliant” meaning “It was really good!”.

Tom went on to explain that after WW2, when Germany was split into the West and East side the language went separate paths too. He told the story that he had work experience on the other side of Germany and he found it difficult to understand people, even though they were speaking German. How crazy is that?

I’m really pleased I’ve taken part in this program, even though it’s only the first meeting I’m sure I can walk away with knowing a lot more about the German language and the culture which is fantastic. Can’t wait for the upcoming weeks!

Maybe next time I’ll take a notepad to jot down what we’re discussing, I’ve probably forgotten a lot!