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#5 Korean cities to travel by Daye

[5] 19.2 Sun, 14:00-19:00 Korean cities to travel by Daye


I had prepared a PPT admiring Guillaume’s special presentation. It was not as good as his but I picked some cities that many Korean go to travel to introduce them to him. Actually looking for some nice videos which can show spectacular views of Korea, I had thought that we don’t have many professional ones in English compared to France. I chose 22 cities and guided him with brief explanation including some festivals held in each city. Thanks to Hyunsoo and Jieun, my lecture had been completed well. It had quite many places and videos that my laptop went out sadly. Anyway I was so happy that Guillaume said to thank me for the PPT.


We had really long lecture today, sometimes it happens to be in a small talk far from the subject for a while. However, the obvious thing is that all the time we took there was fun. 😀

Amsterdam on 15.10.2016

Since we were in the Netherlands at Patty’s place (she lives 20-30 minutes from Amsterdam), I didn’t spend my whole time in Amsterdam (and I am really happy that I got to see way more than what most tourists see). We did go on Saturday though and I was so excited about going.

She had assured me that I’d absolutely love the city (and the Netherlands) but I had been a bit nervous before leaving for our trip since I felt like it was a lot of pressure to go see a place and decide if I wanted to spend a year there or not. I ended up completely falling in love though so we both worried for nothing. Amsterdam was so, so beautiful and I just wanted to stay there for longer. I couldn’t, since I had to come back to Tampere to keep going to school but I’ll definitely be back in the Netherlands soon.

When we were walking around, I asked Patty to teach me some Dutch sentences so  that I could practice my Dutch and talk to the local people (who I didn’t see that many of in the centre of Amsterdam). I actually did pretty well since I did use some of the questions she taught me (that can be found in her EOTO post) and people understood my Dutch even though I have an accent (Patty says I sound cute but she might just say that cause she’s my friend and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings). I was really, really happy. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned by just being motivated to learn.

I did teach the sentences to Patty in Finnish but we were more interested in the Dutch since we were in the Netherlands and in the shopping since we were on the shopping street in Amsterdam. We’ve officially taken our EOTO sessions international now.



Munich airport on 13.10.2016

We were flying to the Netherlands on a Wednesady and our flight was actually quite tough. We had a 6 hour layover in Germany and we left from Tampere at 1:30 in the morning so we were really, really tired since it was such a long day for both of us.

We had a lot of time at the airport as mentioned and we wanted to teach each other some more Dutch and Finnish. This time Patty wanted us to do actual sentences that we could use at an airport and I was really excited to learn all that since we were travelling to the Netherlands and I could use my Dutch there.

Some of the sentences that we taught each other were these:

 I’m really tired. = Ik ben heel moe. = Minä olen todella väsynyt.

To which gate do we need to go = Naar welke gate moeten we? = Mille portille meidän pitää mennä?

How was your flight? = Hoe was je vlucht? = Miten sinun lento meni?

This airport is really nice. = Dit vliegveld is echt mooi. = Tämä lentokenttä on todella kiva.

Do you want to go grab a bite? = Wil je iets eten = Haluatko mennä syömään?

Are we going to be in time for the next flight? = Zijn we optijd voor onze volgende vlucht? = Olemmeko me tarpeeksi ajoissa seuraavalle lennolle?

Excuse me, can I get through? = Sorry, mag ik er langs = Anteeksi, pääsenkö läpi?

I felt like these sentences were all really useful to remember in actual life when you’re traveling in either Finland or the Netherlands. Pronouncing Dutch isn’t the biggest struggle for me anymore; I think I’m getting more and more used to it. It was a little difficult to try to remember all these sentences (and some more) after one sitting. So I think I need to review them a lot in order to remember them and be able to use them. Overall though I’m happy with the session we did since we were really tired but we still stayed motivated in trying to learn our languages.

Teaching Patty was a bit harder this time since some of the sentences in Finnish were really difficult and it was hard to understand why some words are conjucated the way they are and even more difficult to explain. I think she still did a great job since Finnish really is super difficult and Patty pronounces it all really well.