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6. More Finnish at Tamk

Today we met at TAMKs library. We decided to focus first in Finnish because last time we used English almost all the time. Färhad had text from Finnish course and we used it to start our conversation. I asked questions from there and Färhad answered in Finnish. Questions subject were culture in work. In the picture is questions what we used. We also talked about weather in Finnish. Färhad was speaking really good and he noticed his own mistakes for example the difference between words huone and huono. I think as a teacher I’m better if I compare myself to the first meeting because now my spoken English is much better what it was in the beginning.

After the Finnish part we went to eat and then we continued with English. I told what I’m doing tomorrow and why I wanted to go to Ideapark tomorrow but I can’t anymore. Färhad asked some questions about travelling and I answered to those. I told where I want to travel, where I wouldn’t travel and which country I most like. I told about McLeod’s Daughters series and that I want to go to the place where it is filmed. McLeod’s Daughters is filmed in Australia. And the country what I like most is Iceland! I have goal to get my speaking English more fluent than before and little by little I’m getting there. I still have small pauses while I’m speaking because I forgot what I was saying or I don’t remember word but it isn’t that bad what it was when we started. I just have to keep speaking to learn it.

We will see next time on Sunday. We didn’t plan next meeting but I think we will figure out something. 🙂


Meeting #10: Last Meeting & Places to Visit

Marie and I met at City Toas for our last meeting on Monday 1st of May.


We liked each other culture so we decided that it would be nice to get to know each of our countries a little bit better. Getting to show (and learn) places to visit on the other persons country sounded fantastic. So each one of us made a list of the most turistic places (and the best places we belive there are) and try to show the other person those places, with pictures and also explainin about the culture of the place and what you can expect to find there. I liked this meeting, it was fun, we learned even more about the French/Mexican culture and i think that even though France is quite far from Mexico,  I will return some day to visit the places Marie told me about.

These are some of those places she talked to me about:

There ara a lot of famous places in France, so she divided them in regions:

First of all, they have Paris, the capital. There is a lot of things to visit: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, etc

Then on the first region on the North West is “Bretagne” (in blue)

  • There is Saint-Malo with “le Mont Saint Michel”
  • You also have some cities as Brest, Deauville, La Baule, they can go in these cities for a week-end, taste some oysters, molds, delicious fishes.

The second region, South West, is composed by Bordeaux and Bayonne (in red)

  • The surfers go there to enjoy the waves.
  • In Bordeaux, you can also visit famous vineyards. And if you go to Bayonne during the summer, you have the feria, everyone is partying in the streets dressed in white and red.

The third one is in the South East called “La Côte d’Azur” (in yellow)

  • It has some famous places as Marseille, Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Nice.
  • It’s where we go when you want to enjoy the sun in France.

The last one, represented by a star in the map is les Alpes, a famous place for the ski with Val d’Isere, Courchevel or Megève.


Travelling in China

Our seventh meeting with Ruihai was about travelling. This is, at lest to me, the most interesting topic. We watched some travelling videos that consisted Great Wall of China, Forbidden city, Olympic park etc. I was amazed how big for example the forbidden city actually is and I got lot of interesting and educative information about the place. If and when I travel to China someday, I have the basic knowledge of these cultural attractions so that it is easier to enjoy the country.

I promised Ruihai to show some Finnish travelling destinations and we would both show the national costumes of our countries.

More Dutch basics!


Fourth meeting took again place at Y-campus. Bryan thought me more basic Dutch like numbers, colours, some verbs and personal pronouns. He had again made nice learning sheets for me. 🙂

We also talked about Belgian towns and cities, which ones I should visit when going to Amsterdam for exchange and of course travelling while in there. Seems like everything is right next to each other. So I will deffo visit those recommended places. I also told Bryan that I’m a big fan of films and rock music too, so he gave me few names to listen to as well as some films that he thought are good to watch.


I’ve had a go with the recommended music and I quite like this band called Gorki. I don’t really understand anything yet, obviously but at least my ears get used to Dutch language. 🙂

And here’s also nice video from them with subtitles:

Meeting #9. Food in korean universities.

On our 9th meeting we talked about my future plans for going to South Korea as an exchange student.
I sad that I am planning to go there through Hong Kong as we do not need visa there and that I really want to go to famous market in HK, where people can buy exotic food like snakes or some insects. I said that I really want to try scorpio and though Ssong was a little bit shocked, he taught me how to say scorpio in Korean. It is 전갈 (chon-gal). So after that I could make a sentence :
“In Hong Kong  I will eat scorpio” in Korean language:
저는  홍콩에서 전갈을   먹을거에요.
(cho-neun  hong-kong-e  chon-gal-eul  mog-eul-go-e-yo )

After that we made a dialogue about buying food at the university of Korea. To my surprise, Ssong told me that usually the food sellers there are very old ladies who cannot speak English at all, so it could be very handful for me to learn how to talk to them and thanks god, I can speak some Korean already.
Ssong really helped me a lot! He explained me how to buy food in different cafe’s and how to ask the price or how to ask people to convert the price to dollars, so that I could know if it’s expensive or not. It was very useful, as Korean money are quite weird to me,  when I see that something costs 3.000 won, I think that it’s a lot because of the number, though in reality it is less than 3 dollars 🙂
After that we started our English class and, to my regret, Ssong forgot the prepositions I taught him before. So I made a kind of mind map for him to see which one he should use in which cases. So I decided to practise it with him again and when he looked at that mind map he could see which one to use, so he almost didn’t make mistakes.
I can understand his problem, as there aren’t that many different prepositions in Korean, and as a result he knows a lot of words, sometimes he says something I don’t know, but when it comes to grammar, he makes many mistakes. That is why, everytime we meet I try to help him to learn at least something new and he just needs to practice, practice and practice it all.

Joulutori and Ståhlbergs cafeteria 10.12.2014

Today we visited to ”Joulutori”. The weather was awful so we took just a quick visit to see how it looks like and what do they have there. The sales persons were really nice and they helped me to translate the names of products I didn’t know. We also get to taste some nice things. It is actually quite difficult to translate words which I don’t use in basic sentences. And some products were new for me too, so we both learned something new! Despising the weather, we had a nice quick learning tour there =)


Then we went to Siperia and just walked there and chatted. At the same I told about the museums and factoryside of Tampere. Finding the perfect cafeteria is always so difficult, so we looked it for a while. Eventually we went to Ståhlbergs café opposite to Anttila. It was really nice place. The atmosphere was warm and cozy and the confectioneries looked yummy!


Today we talked e.g. about family and travelling and difficulties what you can run into when travelling. In many countries you will manage with English, but somewhere the culture is like you should now some basic lines in their language. So it is useful to know even a little bit of many languages, to make a good impression.

Now when it’s Christmas time, we talked about manners and traditions. In Korean they don’t have the same kind of Christmas food than we do in Finland. It is mostly just a holiday and time to spend with family. But gifts and the food is not the main thing. Actually they eat cake then, which sounds really good.

Time flies and we stayed there for a while just talking and laughing. It was really nice meeting =)