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8th meeting: ~Ukrainian Easter Party~

Yesterday, on April 12th, was Ukrainian Easter (as in Ukraine the main religion is Orthodox Christianity, we have it 1 week later then Catholic Christians). We decided to celebrate it together, so I can share my country’s traditions to Yoon Soo. My Ukrainian friend Inga and her EOTO pair Ssong, Victoria from Russia, Fernando from the USA, Yi from China and Ayano from Japan also joined us. We all gathered at Fernando’s appartment.

Me and Inga decided to cook Ukrainian traditional dumplings – varenyky – with potato-mushroom filling. Fernando helped us a lot, as he lived in Ukraine for some time and know how to do them. We made 100 dumplings!!! Varenyky are served with sour cream (smetana – Ukrainian traditional souce), but also Fernando did traditional Mexican souse for spicy eaters.

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Yoon Soo and Ayano cooked extraordinary dessert – tortillas with garlic, honey and apple. The ingredients’ combination seems crazy, but it was very yummy!


After eating we played PlayStation games and sang karaoke together. What a great evening!!!~