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Last meeting

3rd of May I made last meeting with Olha. We met at night in city and went to pub. It was cold night since I wear spring costume. So we quickly went inside of pub and had chatting about why she start to have interest to Korea. and what I learned during this exchanging time. I didn’t teach Korean in this time but it was really comfortable last meeting. I was surprised because the chance she are interested to Korea was nice friends met in good timing. I also get interested to some countries during this exchange student time usually because of nice friends having open mind from there. I enjoyed this Each one Teach one program with Olha (especially because of you! ) and hope we will see in Korea next year! I will miss Tampere and You, Olha. See you again!


8th meeting. Ukrainian Easter party

This year Ukrainian orthodox Ester was on the 12 of April.
Though, I am not a christian, sometimes it is nice to remember some traditions of your country when you are living abroad for a long time. So, on Easter Sunday we decided to arrange a combined EOTO again with 2 study-pairs: me and Hyun Ssong and Olha and Yoon Soo.
Also we invited our other friends to make it more fun. So, as a result, we celebrated Ukrainian Easter with people from Ukraine, Russia, the USA, South Korea, China and Japan.
Though our traditional Easter food is Pasha, it would be very difficult to make it by ourselves, so we decided to make it easier and just cook traditional Ukrainian dumplings stuffed with potato and mushrooms called “varenyky”. 


Because of the lack of cooking experience, they weren’t the best varenyky I ever ate, but stil our friends liked them a lot.
Also our friend Fernando made a spicy chilly sause and to my surprise, Korean girl Yoon Soo couldn’t eat it, as it was too spicy to her. It was funny, as Koreans are famous for eating very spicy food, but even for me that sauce wasn’t very spicy 🙂

Anyway, we talked a lot about different traditional dishes of our countries and it was nice that our EOTO friends could experience at least a small part of our ukrainian culture, as national quisine is a big part of it.

After that we sang karaoke and played a nice music quiz game. We spend a really good time together, but I was a little bit sad, that our EOTO meetings are coming to an end quite soon, as our new friends will go back to South Korea and Japan.

Meeting #5. Korean movie night + awesome dinner!

This time we decided to arrange double EOTO meeting at my place, as my close friend Olha also has EOTO with Korean girl YoonSoo.

We cooked our traditional Ukrainian dish borsch (though some Russians think it’s their traditional dish, it is not true). And YoonSoo and HyunSsong made Korean dishes for us as well. It was soup된장국, and rice with meat 돼지불고기. As I am a really big fan of spicy Korean food, all the dishes were to my taste!

After that we watched Korean drama movie Nara’s rain.Land_of_Rain-p1

It was a love story between a teacher, who was at around 25 and she just lost her husband in a car accident and her young student who was about to graduate from school (so he was at around 17-18).
For me the main topic of the movie was not a very big deal, as in my country it is not very normal, but people would react quite normally to this situation. But in Korea, it’s a big problem for their society and love between teacher and pupil is just beyond their very conservative understanding. So all the people refused to communicate with that woman, as it was a very big shame for the school where she works, and she had a lot of troubles with that. First of all, I think that it was a shame how even though she was a young woman, she was already a widow and people were reacting quite negatively to that fact. That student didn’t have a family and his father died the same day as her husband. This created a common bond I think, and I would even say that she had no actual romantic feelings for him, but more like a motherly like type of care. But the society they lived in, was really harsh and strict and as a consequence they lost everything. Although, in the end they did stay together.

We watched it with English subs, and I was surprised that sometimes I could even find some mistakes in the translation. For example when the actress said “don’t go” in Korean, English translation was “don’t do it” and some other not very important mistakes like that. So I really like the fact, that I can distinguish some words while I watch a movie in a foreign language which I just started to learn about 6 month ago. So my EOTO meetings help me quite a lot.