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24.04. Meeting #10. The last one :(

On the last meeting with Hyun Ssong we decided that it could be nice to practise dialogues in Korean again. Especially, because I know that it is very important for me to know how to order meal in Korean, as last time he told me that there is almost nobody who can speak fluent English in Korean cafes. So we decided to practise it again. As well as, we practised some names of dishes and it turned out to be so, that I know many exotic korean dishes, which I am not able to buy at students’ cafeterias. So Ssong told me some other dishes names and it was very funny, that everytime he said some name of korean dish he was very excited about it and told me that I definitely have to try it and that he misses his national food a lot.

After practising different dialogues. We practised English with him.
Ssong told me about his future plans,  his future graduation from home university and dreams to move to Europe. He has spanish friends, so he really wants to live in Spain, that is why he even started to learn some Spanish language and it was very interesting for me to hear, as I speak some basic Spanish as well.
Overall, our meeting was a little bit sad, as I knew that we will not meet again for our interesting EOTO meetings and soon he will go back to South Korea. But we agreed that next spring we will meet again in Korea and travel together to the beach in city Busan.
So I really hope it was not our last meeting with him.

Meeting #9. Food in korean universities.

On our 9th meeting we talked about my future plans for going to South Korea as an exchange student.
I sad that I am planning to go there through Hong Kong as we do not need visa there and that I really want to go to famous market in HK, where people can buy exotic food like snakes or some insects. I said that I really want to try scorpio and though Ssong was a little bit shocked, he taught me how to say scorpio in Korean. It is 전갈 (chon-gal). So after that I could make a sentence :
“In Hong Kong  I will eat scorpio” in Korean language:
저는  홍콩에서 전갈을   먹을거에요.
(cho-neun  hong-kong-e  chon-gal-eul  mog-eul-go-e-yo )

After that we made a dialogue about buying food at the university of Korea. To my surprise, Ssong told me that usually the food sellers there are very old ladies who cannot speak English at all, so it could be very handful for me to learn how to talk to them and thanks god, I can speak some Korean already.
Ssong really helped me a lot! He explained me how to buy food in different cafe’s and how to ask the price or how to ask people to convert the price to dollars, so that I could know if it’s expensive or not. It was very useful, as Korean money are quite weird to me,  when I see that something costs 3.000 won, I think that it’s a lot because of the number, though in reality it is less than 3 dollars 🙂
After that we started our English class and, to my regret, Ssong forgot the prepositions I taught him before. So I made a kind of mind map for him to see which one he should use in which cases. So I decided to practise it with him again and when he looked at that mind map he could see which one to use, so he almost didn’t make mistakes.
I can understand his problem, as there aren’t that many different prepositions in Korean, and as a result he knows a lot of words, sometimes he says something I don’t know, but when it comes to grammar, he makes many mistakes. That is why, everytime we meet I try to help him to learn at least something new and he just needs to practice, practice and practice it all.