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3rd – The Difficulty of Portuguese

25th of March at a café in the city center.

Today I was going to arrange a list of basic phrases one can use, but when I started explaining it I realized all the nuances around them due to the way we write and how each word sort of has a defined gender which will set what comes behind it. I probably confused them more when I tried to speak of the spelling accents we have since for me it is more of I know where they are placed rather than the rules of their usage. Kaisa and Tiiu also struggled with certain sounds like “ch/x/nh” since they’re not really a thing in Finnish, truly, Finnish is much simpler to explain and understand since it is read the way it is said, I didn’t even realize my language has such odd links of speech vs spelling.

On their part, they taught me about the vocabulary on animals, which was really fun to know, and being reminded on the colours and basic questions for day to day situations was really useful since I didn’t remember them anymore. Unlike papers from previous lessons which I clipped onto my Finnish language notebook, this one is taped onto my bedroom wall, so I can look at it often.

Business as usual :)

Hanna and I met on another occasion a long-long time ago, still in April, only I was too lazy to write a post about the meeting soon enough 🙁 I visited her on a Friday by bicycle and we did a few Spanish exercises from the Vuela coursebook. We learned how to form nationality adjectives from country names. It is not easy since there is a number of suffixes, and there isn’t much logic in which suffix to use when. How could you guess, for example, that the adjective created from Francia is francés, and from Rusia, it’s ruso… We also reviewed how to present oneself in a few simple sentences: name, nationality and place of residence.

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