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6th meeting: A quick visit to Vapriikki

For our sixth meeting we decided to see each other in Vapriikki to go to the National History Museum, since we had been talking about moose and deer flies during our last meeting. So, why only to talk, since you are also able to see! As we decided to go on Friday after 17pm, we did not have to pay for the fee, which was very convenient.

As it was about the Finnish nature and animals, I tried to explain Fruzsi and Boti some interesting facts about them. However, during our conversations I realized that Hungary is rather similar to Finland, when it comes to nature and animals. Not so many differences there. However, Fruzsi and Boti told me about some flying insects that do glow while flying, and I don’t think we have such.

For me the biggest outcome of this meeting was to have a nice continuum for the last meeting. To take one thing from a level of words a step up to something concrete. I personally love it when one thing leads to another. Also, since I last time got so exited about the image of a rural Hungarian village with interesting traditional events, I would now very much like to visit one, especially, if they have flying and glowing insects.

The picture above is from a movie The Princess and the Frog by Disney.

Vapriikki Museum

It was a fresh, nearly cold Friday afternoon when I met the lovely Michelle in front of Vapriikki museum. Vaprikki is situated beside the Tammerkoski rapids, across the water from Finlayson. It is a museum centre which hosts many different exhibitions. We had time only to admire a few so we chose to visit the Natural History Museum and The Finnish Museum of Games.

In the Natural History Museum, there are Finnish plants, animals and fishes displayed. As we moved along, I told Michelle some things I knew about Finnish nature. We took a closer look at Finnish berries and concluded that we Finns love our berries: lingonberry for black sausage, cloudberry for squeaky cheese, other berries just as they are.

In the Museum of Games the best thing is, without a doubt, NES console and Super Mario Bros. It brings me back to my childhood when everything was carefree. After the exhibitions closed for the day, we enjoyed Karelian pies and coffee at the cafeteria downstairs.

Bis bald!


Mennään museoon!

The most recent (and the last meeting for me) took place in Vapriikki Museum last Tuesday (24/11). Despite having lived in Tampere for a little more than 2 years, it is a shame to say that I have not been to Vapriikki before. So, I’m glad that we chose it to be our meeting place to learn about Tampere and all things Finnish!

Photo from Museokompassi

Student price, 4€. Free entrance on Fridays from 3–6pm. You can also get a free entry coupon from Opiskelijan Tampere. (Found this with a google search, definitely not paid by anyone to promote it.)

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Museum Center Vapriikki

On September 30th we had “double meeting”. First we were at our place learning some number stuff etc and after a little break we went to Vapriikki Museum Center with my tutoree and my kids.


I have been in Vapriikki for several times and it still had much to see. There were many different exhibitions:

  • Finnish Pilgrimages of the Middle Ages (was closed at the time)
  • Messengers (Post exhibition)
  • Masks (ice hockey goalie helmets)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mineral and stones
  • The Natural History
  • Toys
  • Innovations
  • Tammerkoski Rapids
  • Tampere 1918


I can highly recommend everyone to visit Vapriikki. Reserve enough time because the Museum Center is quite large.



  • Open Tue—sun 10–18

10€ adults, 4€ students/children

1, 2, 3 and go!

Took me quite a lot of time to get my first post done, but here I am! So, during this course I’m trying my best to get more familiar with German, and teach Finnish while doing so. Like Sebastian told in his post earlier, there’s five of us; I, Erica and Eija will teach Finnish for Sebastian and Jaimile, and Sebastian teaches German for me, Erica and Eija.

We used our first meeting on 24. of September mostly getting to know each other a bit, and to discuss about our cultures and practical issues, like the level of knowledge in the language we’d like to learn. For myself, it isn’t so important to learn grocery words and such right now (even though I’d like to gather as wide vocabulary as I can since my knowledge base in German is pretty much zero), so I’d like to focus on learning for example music- and electronics-related words I might need with school and work later on. Another thing is to basically get used to hearing German, because it’s a different thing to recognize written words than spoken.

A rather big practical thing to consider is when and where to meet, since our group is rather big, so we decided to split the group if needed, so that everyone gets a chance to have a meeting. So later on next week me, Eija and Sebastian will meet in the city centre, and a day after Erica, Jaimile and Sebastian will go to Prisma. We’ve had some ideas for future meetings as well, since there’s often something happening in Tampere, let’s see what we can come up with!


On Wednesday 1st of October, we went to café Kaffila with Eija and Sebastian, where we took the chance to learn both Finnish and German. It’s a good thing that Eija and Erica speak both Finnish and German to some extent, so it helps at least me and probably also Sebastian with the basics; writing down the words is easier, if you hear the letters pronounced as in your language. We learnt numbers from 1-10 and weekdays in Finnish and German, and discussed about how the letters are pronounced differently in our own languages. There’s no big difference, after all, with a couple exceptions, where the letters sound like different ones. We also chatted about Oktoberfest and other festivities, and compared some things in our languages and cultures with each other, and Swedish and English. And as it turned out especially later when we went to Anttila (since I wanted to learn some music and electronics related words), there’s a huge deal of words that are basically just the same.

It was a nice addition to notice, that when Eija and Sebastian discussed mostly in German, I could slowly start to get a clue about what they were saying, though far from exact and even farther away from participating, even in English. But it’s improvement, anyway!


For third meeting (from my part) we headed for a Sunday museum stroll with Sebastian on 5th of October; we visited the Moomin-museum, and several different exhibitions in Vapriikki. There was a lot going on in celebration for Tampere day, so it was a good way to talk more about Finnish culture from many different aspects. Our museum trip wasn’t so much about language, but more about discussing history, everyday things and even a little bit (gasp!) politics. One usually should avoid involving politics into a light chat, but I have to admit, that does tell quite a bit about the country you’re in. Hopefully I managed to give Sebastian a good view of at least a few interesting quirks in this part of the world!


That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be back quicker than starting this took me!

Aphrodite* – The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality


We met in Vapriikki Museum on Friday. There were plenty different museum there and we decided to go to the special Museum – The Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.

Julia told me the story behind Aphrodite in the Greek Mythology, it was beautiful. The Exhibits in the museum were beautiful, romantic and aesthetic. That was the first time museum’s exhibits attracted me that much, I think.

Pomegranate Bottle
Pomegranate Bottle
Female Mummy Mask
Female Mummy Mask

There were also some videos around the exhibition showing the gems processing. It was interesting and five of us were staring at the screen and surprise on the techniques of the workers. We continued to browse the museum and suddenly something come to my head, about the Finnish Traditional Clothes. I asked Julia and Paapi about that and they told me that they have those but they are not common using in Finland, they had shown me the pictures:


And I had shown them the Malay, Chinese and Indian traditional clothes as well:

Malay Traditional Clothing - Baju Kurung
Malay Traditional Clothing – Baju Kurung
Chinese Traditional Clothing - Cheongsam
Chinese Traditional Clothing – Cheongsam
Indian Traditional Clothing - Sari
Indian Traditional Clothing – Sari

When we get out from the Aphrodite Museum, we met Paapi’s Mom in the entrance place. She look so young and I learned how to say: “You look young” in Finnish from Julia, “Sinä näytät nuorelta”, she was happy after heard we said that. 🙂

We also went to the souvenir shop and we actually found quite a lot of interesting and childhood stuff there. I had also learned butterfly in Finnish – perhonen. 🙂

I had learned quite a lot in this meeting, about Aphrodite, also the story behind her, Finnish traditional clothing, culture, and also some new Finnish vocabulary. They gave me more pictures about Finland and I wish to see and learn more in the future.


9 in 1 – New record in visiting museums

On sunday I met with Laura to enjoy the benefits of Tampere birthday events. Many museums were for free or discounted, so we decided to do a museum-tour and get to know some finnish culture.

When it comes to finnish culture, the mommins shouldn´t be missed out, of course! So we started in the mommin museum. Actually, I have never heard of the mommins before I came to Finland, but at first sight I fell in love with this little neat figures. Laura explained a few characters of the mommins and the person constellation in the mommin world. In the meantime she explained it to me i also learned some words in finnish, like “meri” (sea) and the different seasons.

After that, we went to vapriikki, where we only had to pay 2 euros to visit all of the museums there, which were about 8 of them! Exactly: Aphrodite museum, Ice-hockey museum, Tampere Civil War museum, Tampere history museum, Innovations museum, Tom of Finland museum, another museum from a famous drawer whose name I don´t remember, and the posti museum.

As Laura is a big ice-hockey fan, she could tell me a lot about famous hockey-stars in Finland and some historical events. She also told me about the never-ending fight between the two hockey teams in Tampere, Tappara and Ilves and that I have to decide on which side I am.


I also get to know Tom of Finland in a museum, who is a famous drawer in the queer scene. I didn´t know him before, but Laura told me that he is very famous all over the world. There are even some stamps from him, which are very controverse and lead to a debate in Finland. They were also wondering, what will happen, when they send letters to Russia with a gay actor showing his back on the stamp. But apparently nothing serious happened.

All in all, I didn´t learn many new words in finnish on this day, but I learned a lot about the history of Finland. Especially in the museum about the civil war and the history of Tampere.

At the end of the day, I realized that we have spent almost 5 hours in museums and visited 9 different museums in one day! That is an absolute all-time record for me!