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#10 German-Finnish: Last meeting

Actually I can not realise that this was already my last meeting with Paula, the time was running so fast and I still could continuing to meet up and learn languages. On the other side I already see some success in my Finnish skills, the more often I try now to translate easy things I just said in English and after these months it is easier to express my thoughts in Finnish. I am not that “afraid” of the language anymore, sometimes I even think it is easy (but only in a few contexts!). I am so much quicker in finding vocabulary because I repeated it a lot of times.

For the last meeting we wanted to meet in the favorite café of Paula, Ravintola Kahvila in Tammela. As we arrived we realised that it is closed every monday, the same for the cat café next to it. So we went to the vegetarian restaurant “Gopal” next to there. I can highly recommend this place because it is very cheap for good quality food and you can choose what you want to eat from an open buffet and you pay by weight, so if you are not so hungry, you just take a small portion.

Yummy vegetarian snakcs at "Gopal"
Yummy vegetarian snacks at “Gopal”

On the walls was an interesting language written so I asked:

Mitä kieltä se on? – Which language is that? / Welche Sprache ist das?

Then I asked Paula to teach me the past tense because I think that is important for small talk:

minä oli, sinä olit, hän oli, me olimme, te olitte, he olivat – I was, you were, he was,…

minulla oli, sinulla oli, hänellä oli, meillä oli, teillä oli, heillä oli – I had, you had,…

–> Minulla oli kiva vikonluppo – I had a nice weekend / Ich hatte ein schönes Wochenende

And the negative form of the past:

minä en ollut (no, not beer – olut! ;)). sinä et ollut, hän ei ollut
me emme olleet, te ette olleet, he eivät olleet  – I haven’t been / Ich war nicht…

minulla ei ollut, sinulla ei ollut, hänellä ei ollut, meillä ei ollut, teillä ei ollut, heillä ei ollut
– I didn’t have/ I hadn’t / Ich hatte nicht

–> En ole rakastanut häntä – I didn’t love him. Ich habe ihn nicht geliebt.

Thank you Paula again and thanks to the organisors of the each one teach one course!

Sinä olet paras opettaja – You are the best teacher. Du bist die beste Lehrerin!