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#9 – How about German movies and films???

Soooo, I got another request from my students which was German movies or German films! 😀 Since watching a whole movie might be too much for them and trailers only are not very useful, I decided to go back to the children level again and picked out a short clip by a German television show for children after I failed downloading some German dubbed animation series for children XD

You can watch the video here:

>>> http://mediathek.daserste.de/Die-Sendung-mit-der-Maus/Sachgeschichte-Touchscreen/Das-Erste/Video?documentId=25133630&topRessort=tv&bcastId=1458

Make sure to turn on the subtitles for better understanding! 🙂 And that was exactly the reason why I picked this show/video out: they provide subtitles for their videos (even online!) and from my own experience with learning languages, it’s the best for movies when you have subtitles so you can be sure to at least undertand the context and then listen to what has been said.

I think that deciding on a short clip was a good idea because it seemed that a clip with much talking like in my example demands a lot of concentration already. I was told by Kaisa and Maija that the subtitles were very helpful, so a tip to all EOTO teachers out there:


I am glad my students liked it and found the film excercise helpful – next time will already be our last EOTO meeting, which saddens me a bit :’) EOTO is really a nice way of studying and studying how to teach language, culture and having fun with new people, I like this a lot! I am looking forward to our little Christmas party next time 😉

How to use touchscreen?

We went to McDonalds, had some coffee and our teacher showed a video for us. She had found a video for little children where were explained how the touchscreen works. I did not understand all the words but I understood the meaning because the functions of the device where showed on the video. I think that watching videos which are made for children would be quite easy way to learn foreign language. People talked slowly and clearly on the video and because it is video there is always moving pictures where is possible to figure out what is going on.

Like many new words in German it is possible to use the English word. In this case the touchscreen is ‘der Touchscreen’. Easy language :).


Videos !

New meeting with just Elina because Tilda wasn’t free. We met a new time in the Library, it’s quiet, comfortable and easier because if I’m not so busy, Elina is, she does lot’s of things next to the school like dancing, French lessons or gym !
This time I used my computer to watch videos with her on Youtube. I presented to her my city and then I found some French lessons in video. We watched few of them about the genders, it’s THE trap for every foreigner trying to learn French, the genders have no rules, you just have to know them for every words and Elina have to continue to learn them.. Then we did listening comprehension, it was the description of the Julien’s day with a lot’s of detail and then few questions. She went through easily.

We spoke a bit about how we were doing and we left each other. We should meet next week on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday because Elina is leaving to London few days and I will leave to Lapland in one week so we have to see each other before. The next time won’t be in the library for sure, we don’t know exactly where yet but we will find out!

#5 la musique

Hello everyone!

Today for our meeting with Ugo we decided to stay at TAMK, the weather outside was too cold to do anything.
That was a great moment, we spend few hours “youtubing” videos and trying to show the other our favourite songs.
Few weeks ago Ugo was listening to FAUVE, French band very famous for its lyrics. It is half rock/Half poetry, very special style. And I was very curious about it.
So we decided to listen to it with the lyrics. Here you can find the video and click for subtitles:

I really like the lyrics I hope you will too.

Also one of Ugo’s favourite band is Justice. Electro music band.

There are no lyrics but they have become very famous in the late 2000. They are famous for being a little bit crazy. The basically made a revolution in the French electro world. Their DVD Across the Universe is also available on youtube if you are interested! Crazy guys…

I am able to conjugate French verbs but I need sometimes to make a little recap to be able to speak great.

J’aime = I like
Je n’aime pas = I don’t like
Qui est-ce qui chante? = Who is singing?
Tu connais cette chanson? = Do you know this song?
Un groupe = A band
Un chanteur = A singer