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Forth meeting in Vohvelikahvila!

Essi, Haley, Yeaeun and I went to a waffle “kahvila” in centre of Tampere called Vohvelikahvila (Vohveli means waffle and Kahvila cafe).

First, we ate a delicious waffle and a tea and we were talking about Finnish cultural issues that are different from the Korean and Spanish culture. Essi always try to explain us the reason, if there are one, of these issues.


Once we finish our waffles, we started to learn Korean, first we took the different words that we learned in our last Finnish meeting and we translated them into Korean. To make that, we had printed the Korean alphabet and at the time that Haley and Yeaeun were translating the words into Korean, Essi and I were trying to write those word on the Korean alphabet, it was really hard!! Because there are different sounds that we don’t have in English or Spanish, so at the beginning was hard to understand which sound we have to write, but as much as we practice as better as we could understand the sound. So at the end of the meeting I was able to understand different Korean sounds and wrote them on the Korean alphabet.

Haley and Yeaeun repeated us as many times as necessary all the words and pronunciations and they corrected us all the mistakes that we could have.

It was a great meeting!


Our fourth meeting

Our fourth meeting was on 4th March and we spent with each other approximately 2 hours. This time we met at Tuomiokirkonkatu Vohvelikahvila and we ate waffles while I was teaching Vanessa some Finnish. We read some parts of my childhood book called “Hauvahauskaa”. Our reading session included reading lists of rules, menus, comparisons etc. Vanessa did really good and we realized that she already knew a lot of Finnish words that we still have not even practised yet.

Finnish is a quite hard language to learn, but it is still possible when you work for it really hard 🙂 I plan to participate on a German course in TAMK and I hope it supports my learning to speak fluent German. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I think I can achieve my goal some day.

Next time we will meet in a restaurant and I hope that we can manage ordering the food in Finnish (Vanessa) and German (me, role played with Vanessa).

Tuomiokirkonkatu Waffle café

Tuomiokirkonkatu Waffle café

The best vohveli in the world!

Last week we met at the best waffle-place that I have ever been to! I can´t remember the name, but it was near the Sokos Hotel by the river in Tampere.

So while eating our waffles (in finnish: vohveli) we first made some german grammar lessons… what was really difficult even for me, because it is so hard to explain, why you write some verbs like this and the other like that. It feels like, for most of the verbs we don´t have any general rules to conjugate them. As a native, you just KNOW it without knowing why.

After that, we tried to repeat the numbers from 1 to 10 in finnish. And I still have problems with them. But a good news was that the other numbers are very easy to learn, because they are always set together from the already known numbers. That was kind of surprising, because I thought that finnish language always takes the most complicated way. But I was wrong.

As we already sat in a café, we learned how to order something and how you order especially in singular and plural.

In the end, we messed around a little bit and learned some more or less unuseful things in finnish. Like saying that you are very cool. (“Mä oon niin siisti”). Maybe I can use that to impress someone one day in a funny way.