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EST-GER// A walk in the nature

We met in the morning to do a small nature trail to school. We decided to walk around a lake called Iidesjärvi. There was a bird watching tower near the lake. Since we saw a couple of birds, I revised bird names in German, for example swan is Schwan. We also talked about different trees in our language. I’ve struggled with the German “r” letter, so I also got to repeat that multiple times. The walk lasted almost 2 hours and was very refreshing and allowed us to talk about our interests and future plans.

When we arrived to school we ate lunch together and talked about driving in Germany. I didn’t know that there is no speed limit in driving on the Autobahn. I had also heard that if you miss a turning point in driving on the Autobahn, you’d have to find the next exit and it could make you waste many hours. However, my language partner contradicted the myth and said that you’d find your way back to the Autobahn fairly quickly. I also never knew that Germans don’t mark their cars if they are beginners.

This was our last meeting, since we have already met 5 times (plus the introduction, so six). I feel like I learnt a lot about Germany and their culture. Now, when I meet a German, I actually know what they mean, when they say where in Germany they come from. My German is still not that fluent, however I gained confidence in understanding and speaking.

A walk in the sun, the fourth meeting.

On March 17th we had planned to make a dinner together but the weather was so sunny and unexpectly warm, I suggested that we could take a walk instead. So we did.

We walked for over an hour around the city learning how to give directions in German and in Finnish. I was quite happy to learn that many names of the places are quite similar in German and in English. Also, giving basic directions was fairly easy to learn. We also named some things we saw on the way just to improve vocabulary once again.

In my opinion it is easier to learn when the weather is beautiful. As at least it has an impact on my mood and motivation.