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Sushi party

For this meeting, we took a rest from linguistic part of learning, and focused on part of japanese culture instead. In my home country, I´ve been avoiding “strange” food, such as sushi. I admit that I am conservative in many ways, and food is one of them: I will prefer well-tested food before something new (when I tried something new, it almost always ended up in “tried that-never more” category). However, this time I told myself, that there is no better time to try sushi, than at sushi party, during my erasmus stay, as a part of my studies about Japan in Finland 😀

So, after I came to Lapinkaari, I received japanese chopsticks o.o This was quite unexpected, but thanks to my previous experience with those, I managed to use them fairly  B-) There were more types of sushi, so I started with the less exotic looking ones. And to my pleasant suprise, it was not bad at all! I tried other types and all of them were tasty. Yuki and her japanese friends did simple, but good sushi. Even when fish is not my favourite meal, I was satisfied.

Another new thing I tryied there, was wasabi, very spicy green japanese horseradish. With my poor tolerance of spicy food, I only hoped that it is not THAT spicy. Well… I survived and earned another real life EXP 😀 (but yeah: “tried that-never more”).

Except for all this, we had a good time during party, and despite the fact I´m not used to attend parties so much, I´m glad that I was invited and joined.