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02/11/2016 – 5th meeting Hungarian/French

This week, we met at my place in Toas Pinja in the center.  There was not only Tamás  and Rebeka, but also Béla and a friend of Rebeka. They are  also from Hungary so I was the only French student with four hungarian.

This meeting was quite similar to the last one, but we spoke about food. They presented their traditional food, and they illustrated it with various pictures so it was easy for me to understand. Then, I chose a typical Hungarian food that they will cooked at the next meeting: chicken paprikash.

After, we talked about French food (galettes, coq au vin, quiche lorraine, ratatouille…) and I show them some pictures. At the same time, we shared a bottle of french wine to try because French wine are famous.

See you next time for the Hungarian dinner!02-11-2016

26/10/2016 – 4th meeting Hungarian/French

Today, I meet Rebeka and Tamás in the MacDonald in the center to have dinner. It was a pleasure to see them because the last meeting was one month ago! In fact, we travelled a lot and we did not have time to see each other for Each one teach one.

During this meeting, we talked about French and Hungarian drinks. I learnt that Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy which has different flavors like plum (‘szilva’ in hungarian), apple (‘alma’), pear (‘körte), apricot (‘barack’) and other flavors. They told me that Pálinka is considered as the national Hungarian drink. I was really impressed because Tamás knew a lot of things about this topic. Even Rebeka didn’t know all of these things that Tamás said!

After, I talked about French wines which are quite famous. Tamás knows some of them and he also knows a lot of things about French drinks in general. We talked about the various regions, the grapes, the cellars, and a little bit about the spirits. Finally, we spoke about how to serve wine in France. I know some things about this topic but Tamás taught me more while he is Hungarian! It was quite interesting.

I learnt few words:

  • Wine: Bor
  • Spirits: Szeszes italok
  • Soda: Szóda
  • Drinks: Italok
  • Grapes: Szőlő

2/ Moro Sky Bar

Few days after, the second meeting took place in the more sky bar. In this amazing place, we try a popular game in Germany : “Rummikub”. I know that this game existed in France too but it’s not a game that young people play. The idea of this meeting was to have fun with a game that not everyone already knows but also learn some vocabulary.


During this meeting we learn principaly german words :

Number                                                                  Color
1 Eins                                                                        Rouge Rot
2 Zwei                                                                       Black Schwarz
3 Drei                                                                        Blue Blau
4 Vier                                                                        Yellow Gelb
5 Fünf
6 Sechs
7 Sieben
8 Acht
9 Neun
10 Zehn
11 Elf
12 Zwölf
13 Dreizehn

I really liked this meeting because we focused on one culture so we can learn more. But we are, each member, in erasmus in a country that we didn’t know before so we discover new place together and drink coffee as a real Finnish !

I really like our meeting because everything is natural, I mean that we learn but not in a School way : boring where you just have to listen. No, we share together our culture and our feeling in a new country. And of course, we want to learn some vocabulary and compare the pronunciation etc.


#10 – Last meeting and Pre-Christmas Party

We’re nearing Christmas, holidays and me leaving Finland.

For our last meeting I invited my students Kaisa and Maija to my own place for having a small Christmas party 🙂 I still have some German Christmas candies, cookies and cakes from my visiting friends so I let them try out these snacks.

As a special treat, I had Glühwein from Germany. It’s flavoured red wine and super typical for Christmas in Germany, they sell it in every store/supermarket during Christmas season and at every Christmas market. It has to be heaten up in a pot since you only drink it warm ;D

While sitting around in the living room of my apartment we were listening to German Christmas songs, read the lyrics, sang along and talked about the meanings. Christmas songs have a wonderfully cozy touch to them, so we had a very relaxing evening with some sweets, wine and good music.

Here you can listen to a nice mix of the most popular German Christmas songs 🙂

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_-e9EWPjI

As a little Christmas gift I baked some cookies for Maija and Kaisa like I did for all my exchange study friends, the whole load looked like this 😀

When I asked for feedback they said that all in all, they were able to refresh and expand their German language very well and in a very funny way, which makes me feel glad that I was able to help them out. EOTO was a really new but positive experience to me. I am glad that I chose this course, EOTO is about more than just learning or teaching languages, it’s something that made my stay abroad more valuable.

I even received Christmas presents from my students, thanks a lot, Maija and Kaisa for the chocolate, it was sooo good! ♥ It was very, very fun with you, I could do it again any time! To have all the meetings, to talk and laugh about the German and Finnish language and just to hang out, talk with you about life and universty and walk around in Tampere. It has been a pleasure! I wish you all the best, let’s keep in touch! 😀

With this entry I want to finish my EOTO blogs, hope you enjoyed it, kiitos for reading! Hope we see each other again sometime, somewhere! 🙂

~~~ Theresa ♥

Second meeting : drink wine and beer, French and Scottish touch in a Finnish place!

FinlaysonFriday 3rd of October, for our second meeting, we decided to go in Finlayson Shopping Center. We went to a pub. We have already gone there with our tutor and we think it is a nice place to discuss with a drink. In this place we can find really good beers. I took one with honey and Michael took red wine. It was like a mix of culture for us. I am very happy to know he likes red wine, because I love it, I love wine. There were a lot of people, I think this place is very appreciated by Finnish people. This course was only in English to help me to improve my level, my vocabulary and my bad accent in English.

In fact, sometimes it is very difficult for me to be understood by other people. I presented him my life in Paris, the place to be, the best and bad neighborhoods, the typical romantic places or touristic places as Montmarte with Le Sacré Cœur, Saint Louis Island with Le Ponts des Arts, Eiffel Tower…

We talked about my friend who are in United Stated, United Kingdom, Mexico or Spain also for their Erasmus. It was very interesting to tell which countries we have already visited, and particularly which cities I have already visited in United Kingdom because his family is from there. We could compare our ideas and I could tell him what I saw when I was there. We spoke about Brighton, Bath, Bristol and London.

Moreover, one of my passion is to learn more and more about religion. All religions. This day was the day of Kippour, a Jewish (= this word is very complicated for me to pronounce) celebrity. So, we talked about the religion in France and in United Kingdom. I like to know how the different religions are integrated in a country.

For me, this course was very good because it helped me to gain more confidence in my English because sometimes I am shame of me and it is not easy for me to speak with other people. Moreover, I learn vocabulary and he corrected me when my word are not good. I liked to speak with him because I feel a good atmosphere to learn. I am very happy to do this course with him because I think he is a good teacher for me. I enjoyed this moment, it was very nice. I think we will do more meeting in French than in English, because I think it is better for him because I have a better level in English than him in French. Maybe twice a month it will be in English and three or four times a month in French.

We plan to go to the sauna the Saturday and to go to the observation tower in the forest to drink a hot chocolate and to eat donuts in same time I teach him French.