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School lunch and snow fight


We met at Tamk and ate lunch together, we talked a little about Christmas plans and school. We sat next to the window and saw group of students playing with snow, situation escalated to snow fight. And that’s how you recognize exchange student; when it’s snowing  most Finnish people just whisper “perkele it’s so cold” and run inside faster than Usain Bolt. But foreigners just go nuts. Probably we would too if we saw snow for the first time. It was fun to watch because everyone were so happy and excited about a thing that we are so used to. We hate snow but we also love it.

English – Finnish – Spanish

Snow – lumi – nieve

I don’t speak finnish – en puhu suomea – no hablo finés

Snow fight – lumisota – guera de nieve

I’m paying with my card – maksan kortilla – voy a pagar con tarjeta

with cash – käteisellä – en efectivo

Where is ..? – missä on ..? – Dónde está..?

How are you?  – Miten voit? – qué tal?

How’s going ? – Mitä kuuluu?

How you doing? – Miten menee?

How much ….. costs ? – Paljonko maksaa.. ? – Cuánto cuesta ?

What time is it? – Paljonko kello on? –  qué hora es?

Gossip – juoruilla – cotilleo