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Munkki and ¡Basta!

Last Sunday (22/11) was my 9th meeting with my EOTO group mates, which was also rather spontaneous because of our schedules again. Still, five of us – Ani, Emilia, Sofia, Paola and I gathered, went to Pyynikin Munkkikahvila in the city centre, ordered hot chocolate and munkki and proceeded with our EOTO session.


To which, it was a little awkward at first because we didn’t come well-prepared with study materials, since we had to have at least one meeting that week. We talked about how our day went and some general things about the weather (“hace mucho frio” – It is very cold). But luckily for us, Sofia and Paola taught us how to play this wonderful word game called ¡Basta!, which means “Stop!” in Spanish. It’s really amazing how these simple games that you picked up during childhood can be used as language learning material for others.

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Sorruounded by Dutch in a Finnish closed market

Have you ever been to the Tampereen Kauppahalli? Go there! It’s a  very nice place in the city center.

Here you can find a lot of goods, from high quality foods, shoes, to souvenirs and a lot of affordable cafè (in some of there kahvi costs only 1 euro!).

I had my fourth EOTO meeting with Sanne, but this time there was something special (apart from the different setting): there were two Sanne’s friends, Rianne and Lieke, who were visiting her from the Netherland, so this time I had 3 teachers, great!

We spoke a lot about their hometown and the they taught me some words to improve my poor vocabulary. In particular I learnt brother (broer) and sister (zus) and different ways to create the diminutive form of a word ( adding -je, -tje, -mpje, -pje, -itje). Maybe it could be a secondary aspect of a language but… everything has started from a discussion about the size of the cup of coffe we were drinking in this very cosy place, protected against the cold wond outside.

When it was my turn of teaching I stressed on useful terms for a turist in Italy. It’s definitely better to know those words because often Italian peole don’t speak nor understand English at all. So we spoke about church (chiesa), sea (mare) , main square (piazza centrale), street (via or strada) museum (museo), hill (collina), mountain (montagna), lake (lago), dinner (cena), lunch (pranzo), breakfast (colazione), restaurant (ristorante), hotel (albergo, or hotel as well) and so on…

I think it was not too boring for our guests, they seemed quite interested and they helped Sanne to teach me as well. And remember to go to kauppahalli!

Carlo Soregotti




Words together

We had a quick meeting with the boys. at the University. We did some catching up about the previous meeting with Matija. Thomas had a brilliant idea of making a table of vocabulary for three languages (English, Finnish and German) so we completed this table with missing words and discussed why certain words are built together as they are. Like why some words are written together and some are not. For example we were discussing difference between following words: Hevosen liha vs keskustori (why hevosen liha is not hevosenliha?) . Or Keskeinen tori vs keskustori (why suddenly write those  words seperately?).  Germans combine their words a lot also. I’m not sure are there same kind of rules as we do in Finnish language. We are continuing with this  topic next time we meet.