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Hockey time, the 9th meeting

We had our 9th meeting on May 2nd. After thinking which topic we hadn’t covered yet we came to the conclusion that we might need to go through some vocabulary regarding sports. The World Cup of ice hockey was just going on, so we decided to watch a game. We watched the match France against Germany. Luckily Germany won in the end.

I have never been into sports and therefore I noticed I might need to improve my vocabulary about sports also in English. However, we managed to cover the basics to be able to talk about the topic. I’m not quite sure if I taught the correct terms in Finnish, as ‘pakki’ is more of a slang word than the correct one ‘puolustaja’. But at least I tried.

Let’s watch Hockey

What is probably the most Finnish thing you can do? – watch a nice match of Hockey. As the World Cups is now going on and we didn’t want to leave out the German part of our EOTO we watched Germany against France on the 2nd of May. As both of these countries are not the most famous Hockey nations the game ended with a rather unspectacular 1-2 for Germany. But at least we won with a exciting last minute goal in the end of the third period. 😉 Ice hockey will never be the most exciting sport for me to watch  but every now and then it is nice.