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Pancakes and soap opera? The third meeting.

On March 7th we had our third meeting in a really international setting. We had a lovely group of exchange students from many countries around the table and had some pancakes together. I could have a great opportunity to practice my German with them, but for some reason it felt uncomfortable to try. I know I should just try regardless the mistakes I would make. I know… But it is so damn hard to start speaking.

Afterwards we used the resources of the Internet to keep on studying. Amelie showed me a kind of German soap opera / educational series on Youtube, which I could use to improve my vocabulary and also pronounciation. In addition, the show was actually also kind of funny. I tried to find something similar for learning Finnish, but most of the videos I found on Youtube weren’t that helpful. Unless one wants to learn all the swear words…

Therefore, we used other material for Finnish. We translated a story about Finnish people swimming in ‘avanto’ that was found on www.uuno.fi site. This once again teached about the crazy habits of the Finns along with the vocabulary.

A new problem I found out today was that the German language is filled with ’empty words’. They use words like ‘noch’ or ‘denn’ in sentences for no apparent reason and without a real meaning in a certain sentence. I mean, the sentence would mean the same, and just be shorter, without those words, but for some reason they are added in there. That makes no sense to me. But after thinking about it, I think we do have similar words in Finnish also and there are some in English as well.

It’s all about the food

Our sixth meeting was 1.4. and as we had planned last time, the theme was food. I had prepared my part of the meeting well and bought some Finnish food products. This meeting’s menu was: Karelian pasties, salmiakki, Fazer blue, Pätkis, hopea toffee and vispipuuro. I was a bit dissappointed that I couldn’t find a small package of mämmi (traditonal Finnish Easter food).

While Ruihai showed me some Chinese food programmes on Youtube we tasted my Finnish foods. I was very proud that he tried all of them!

Learned from this meeting: Chinese people eat mostly Dumplings and noodles! Or at least that wat it seemed to my eye! But honestly, Chinese food looks so good and the diversity of food is so huge that I would eat it any time.

I can highly recommend everyone to watch the food programmes we watched on Youtube! Just search by A Bite of China!

Learning German with music videos on youtube

This time we watched some youtube videos. Mostly it was music videos from German singers like Alligatoah, Casper, Bushido and so on. Later we choose one video and translate lyrics from German to English. We choose song from Alligatoah – Fick ihn doch.

First part of song with refrain has this lyrics:

Ich bin ein kleiner Spion in geheimer Mission
Tarnjacke, Fernglas, Schatz, ich weiß, wo du wohnst
Dass du gereizt von Verboten bist, beweise ich schon
Bist du alleine im Zoo, bin ich verkleidet als Cro
Ich hab Kostüme für alles, ich ermittle verdeckt
Stichprobentest, die Leute finden’s nicht so korrekt
Dass ich dein’ schwulen besten Freund zu einem Treffen auf Toilette ruf
Äh… Okay, der ist tatsächlich schwul
Deinen Bettbezug bring ich dir morgen rum
Ich warte immer noch auf den Laborbefund
Die sagen, du hast kein Gilette-Wachs benutzt
Kombiniere, kombiniere, da ist etwas im Busch

In Jalousie-bedeckter Wohnung amüsierst du dich alleine
Du hörst Iggy Pop – Dann fick ihn doch!
Durch zeugenlose Wald und Wiesen gehst du Gassi
Mit dem Hund in einem Minirock – Dann fick ihn doch!
An euphorieberaubten Tagen frequentierst du eine Kirche
Und du sprichst mit Gott – Dann fick ihn doch!
Alles tippitop, und das fickt mein’ Kopf
Dann fick ihn doch, fick ihn doch!

Videos !

New meeting with just Elina because Tilda wasn’t free. We met a new time in the Library, it’s quiet, comfortable and easier because if I’m not so busy, Elina is, she does lot’s of things next to the school like dancing, French lessons or gym !
This time I used my computer to watch videos with her on Youtube. I presented to her my city and then I found some French lessons in video. We watched few of them about the genders, it’s THE trap for every foreigner trying to learn French, the genders have no rules, you just have to know them for every words and Elina have to continue to learn them.. Then we did listening comprehension, it was the description of the Julien’s day with a lot’s of detail and then few questions. She went through easily.

We spoke a bit about how we were doing and we left each other. We should meet next week on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday because Elina is leaving to London few days and I will leave to Lapland in one week so we have to see each other before. The next time won’t be in the library for sure, we don’t know exactly where yet but we will find out!

#5 la musique

Hello everyone!

Today for our meeting with Ugo we decided to stay at TAMK, the weather outside was too cold to do anything.
That was a great moment, we spend few hours “youtubing” videos and trying to show the other our favourite songs.
Few weeks ago Ugo was listening to FAUVE, French band very famous for its lyrics. It is half rock/Half poetry, very special style. And I was very curious about it.
So we decided to listen to it with the lyrics. Here you can find the video and click for subtitles:

I really like the lyrics I hope you will too.

Also one of Ugo’s favourite band is Justice. Electro music band.

There are no lyrics but they have become very famous in the late 2000. They are famous for being a little bit crazy. The basically made a revolution in the French electro world. Their DVD Across the Universe is also available on youtube if you are interested! Crazy guys…

I am able to conjugate French verbs but I need sometimes to make a little recap to be able to speak great.

J’aime = I like
Je n’aime pas = I don’t like
Qui est-ce qui chante? = Who is singing?
Tu connais cette chanson? = Do you know this song?
Un groupe = A band
Un chanteur = A singer